VCT 2023 Ascension Pacific: Playoffs teams revealed

The group stage of VCT 2023 Ascension Pacific has finally concluded. At the end of the Group stage, four... Jason | 4. July 2023

The group stage of VCT 2023 Ascension Pacific has finally concluded. At the end of the Group stage, four teams bid farewell to the tournaments. These teams are:

  • Orangutan (South Asia)
  • Dplus Esports (South Korea)
  • Xerxia Esports (Thailand)
  • One Team Esports (Taiwan)

The four teams who have successfully overcome the group stage and made it into the Ascension 2023 Pacific playoffs are:

From Group Alpha

  • NAOS (Philippines)
  • Boom Esports (Indonesia)
  • Fancy United Esports (Vietnam)

From Group Omega

  • BLEED Esports (Singapore)
  • Scarz (Japan)
  • Bonkers (Australia)

Here is the final day recap of VCT 2023 Ascension Pacific. A total of two matches were taken place today: Bonkers against Bleed Esports and Dplusesports against Scarz.

Bleed Esports register their third win defeating Bonkers

The very first match of the day took place between Bonkers and Bleed Esports. Although Bleed Esports has already been confirmed for the playoffs stage. However, Bonkers needed to secure the win over Bleed to get a confirmed slot in playoffs.

In an intense showdown on Bonkers’ preferred map, Lotus, they began with great enthusiasm. However, they couldn’t take full advantage of their strong start in the first half. Despite losing the initial rounds in the second half, Bonkers made a valiant effort for a remarkable comeback. Nevertheless, Bleed’s experience proved superior as they successfully defended against Bonkers’ swift assault, ultimately securing a 13-11 victory.

Onto the second map of Pearl, Bleed got an incredible start. As an attacker, they secured five rounds in a row. Despite this, Bonkers managed to finish the first half with a decent 5-7 score. However, the Bleed didn’t give a single chance for Bonker’s comeback in the second half as they secure the map by conceding three more rounds.

Bleed Esports defeated Bonkers 2-0. With this loss, Bonkers playoffs’ fate lay on the second match of the day between Scarz and Dplus Esports.

Scarz’s win over Dplus kept Bonkers’s Ascension run alive

The second match of the day featured a highly anticipated clash between Dplus Esports from Korea and Scarz from Japan. Both teams showcased impressive skill levels, making it a closely contested battle. However, it was Scarz who emerged victorious, displaying their dominance with a comfortable and seemingly effortless triumph over Dplus.

Haven, the chosen map of Dplus, set the stage for the match. Unfortunately, Dplus had a rough start, struggling to find their footing as they trailed behind until the end of the 11th round. The first half concluded with a daunting score of 10-2 in favor of Scarz. Building upon their strong start, Scarz maintained their momentum and ultimately sealed the map with a commanding 13-6 victory.

Transitioning to the second map, Split, the trend from the first map seemed to repeat itself as Dplus faced difficulties in gaining traction. However, they mounted a strong counterattack from the eighth round onward, narrowing the first-half score to 4-8 in favor of their Japanese opponents, Scarz.

In the second half, Scarz dashed any hopes of a comeback by securing the pistol rounds and reaching double-digit rounds. Ultimately, Scarz claimed the map with a final score of 13-7, leaving Dplus unable to turn the tide in their favor.

Following their victories, Scarz and Bonkers secured their spots in the playoffs from Group Omega. Despite having the same number of points, Dplus Korea faced elimination due to a higher number of map losses compared to the other two teams. While Scarz and Bonkers advanced to the next stage, Dplus Korea’s journey in the tournament came to an end.

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