Valorant Champions 2022: Skins, Tickets, Dates

The countdown has started and with less than 10 days until the start of the season-concluding Valorant Champions 2022,... Scott Kostov | 22. August 2022

The countdown has started and with less than 10 days until the start of the season-concluding Valorant Champions 2022, Riot is working hard to prepare for the biggest Valorant esports event of the year.

The third and final international tournament of this year’s Valorant Champions Tour will take place in Istanbul, Turkey, starting on August 31. Over the next three weeks, 16 of the world’s best Valorant teams from across the globe will face off against each other in a battle for a Champions title and a still unannounced prize pool. 

More and more details are getting released as we inch closer to the start of the competition, and we already did an article covering the groups and opening matches.

Champions 2022 Collection

One of the ways Riot celebrates huge international events is by creating skin lines and collections fitting to the event’s glory. Just like last year, Riot Games is once again releasing a Champion Collection with one weapon skin and one melee skin. The Champions Butterfly knife will accompany the Champions 2022 Phantom, highlighting the collection that also includes a Trophy Card, Buddy, and Spray.

It will be available from August 23 to September 21, at 11 PM CEST and 50% of the total revenue generated will go to the participating teams. What makes this collection so exclusive is the fact that these items will never be available again neither in the Night Market or the Store. The skins and finishers will also have variations that players can’t buy but must earn.

Throughout each match, the skins will evolve through six forms, depending on the player’s performance. There will also be a custom inspect animation once you clutch a round or go over 25 kills. Here’s how they will look: 

Valorant Champions tickets

Despite the massive interest it generates, Valorant Champions 2022 will host a live audience only during the last week of the event. The event will take place in Istanbul’s VW Arena with tickets for sale online through Biletix from Wednesday, Aug 24 at 4 pm CEST. Make sure to create an account before the tickets go on sale so you don’t miss out, since they are in limited supply. With tickets for the Grand Finals going for 15$ for the best seating, expect a lot of interest and competition. 

Valorant Champions Anthem

To complete the Valorant Champions promotion run, Riot has also released a tournament anthem accompanied by a video. The “Fire Again” music video, features 42 professional Valorant players, representing all regions. 


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