Twitch Rivals will host $200,000 Apex tournament to celebrate Team Deathmatch release

Apex’s most popular Twitch content creators will fight in an intense battle in the new Apex Legends game mode,... Eduardo | 10. February 2023

Apex’s most popular Twitch content creators will fight in an intense battle in the new Apex Legends game mode, which is certainly nothing short of classic.

Apex Legends will launch its new season next week, Season 16 or Revelry, as they’ve dubbed it. With that, Twitch Rivals has decided to host a new event with $200,000 in prizes to celebrate the game’s fourth anniversary with its new game mode, Team Deathmatch.

Deathmatch Mode

As previously mentioned, in Team Deathmatch, players can select pre-built weaponry before starting matches. In addition, matches will be played in 6v6 mode. On the other hand, this mode will be played on a much more limited map than Battle Royale.

In this Season 16: Revelry update, Respawn announces that Deathmatch and Mixtape will replace the Arenas mode. The latter is a sort of mix between time-limited game modes, such as Control and more.

As mentioned, Team Deathmatch will be played in 6v6 mode with a preset armament before starting the games. Teams must have a total of 30 kills to win a round, and the first team to win two rounds will take the game overall. This means that this Team Deathmatch is a kind of BO3 in 6v6. Another point to note is that in this new Apex game mode, the shields of the characters are automatically regenerated, just like in other FPS.

Respawn, in their statements, said:

“We predict that many players will use TDM to warm up for Battle Royale, as we have already seen people do with Control. In addition, we want players to have an avenue to practice certain weapons that they don’t normally train much with live fire. And we’d like newer players to have a place to overcome some of the initial hurdles of approaching Apex combat.”

Other new features in Apex Legends Team Deathmatch

In TDM mode, players can also do different airdrops to get their hands on the most potent weapons. In addition, they will also have the possibility to change the loadout and the character when respawning. A novelty concerning the different games with TDM in their modes is that in Apex, players can also change teams between rounds.

There is no doubt that the best way for a video game is to give a small sample or present its new game mode with an event where the best Twitch content creators participate and fight for a large amount of money. That, in addition to showing fans the new features, is an incentive for those streamers who play this fantastic video game daily.

The Apex Legends TDM Drop-In will be played next Friday, February 17, on Twitch Rivals.

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