Tips for Earning S+ Rankings in League of Legends

Hitting an S+ ranking in League of Legends is a big deal. It signifies a high level of skill... Aleksandar | 19. February 2024

Hitting an S+ ranking in League of Legends is a big deal. It signifies a high level of skill and experience in the game. Achieving this rank means you are not just good but exceptional at playing the game.

Rewards and prestige come with this high rank, such as special skins and tons of mastery points. But how do you get there? Well, it’s all about sharpening your skills in vital areas of the game. We’ve put together some awesome tips for earning S+ rankings in every game. 

By following these strategies, you’ll boost your chances of consistently achieving top marks and standing out in the League. Let’s dive in and turn those A’s into S+’s, making every match a step toward legendary status.

What Are S+ Rankings?

Earning an S+ ranking in League of Legends is like being at the top of your game. It’s proof you’ve mastered your champion and played an outstanding match. 

This rank isn’t just about being good; it’s about being the best in that game. Let’s break down what getting to this level means, the perks that come with it, and what factors can help you hit this high note.

S+ ranking represents the highest achievement in the game, indicating superior performance and exceptional gaming knowledge during that match.

Hitting S+ doesn’t just feel great but also comes with cool rewards. You get more champion mastery points, helping you unlock exclusive badges. Plus, there are special skins and other cosmetic items that make your champion stand out.

Several things determine if you’ll catch that S+ rank. Your KDA (kills, deaths, assists) is huge, as it shows your direct impact in battles. CS (creep score) matters, too, because it shows you’re farming effectively. 

Vision score and how well you control game objectives such as dragons or turrets also play a big part. Remember, it’s about being smart and strategic in every aspect of the game.

6 Core Strategies for S+ Success in Every Match

Here are six core strategies to propel you towards S+ success in League of Legends. From mastering your KDA to controlling the map, each tip is designed to sharpen your gameplay and elevate your rank to the highest tier.

1. Optimizing KDA: Kills, Deaths, and Assists

KDA Kills, Deaths, and Assists

Improving your KDA ratio is a big step toward earning S+ rankings in every game. Focus on strategic engagements where you have a clear advantage. This means picking fights wisely and not jumping into battles you’re unsure about. 

Always aim for more kills and assists, but here’s the kicker: minimize your deaths. It’s not just about how many you take down, but also how well you avoid getting taken out. 

Map awareness is key. Keep an eye on enemy movements and always have an escape plan. Working with your team can set up more secure kills and reduce risky plays. 

Remember, a high KDA reflects smart gameplay and your ability to contribute significantly to your team’s success without giving away points to the opponent.

2. Mastering Creep Score (CS)

Maintaining a high CS throughout the game is crucial for mastering League of Legends and snagging that S+ rank. Efficient farming techniques start with understanding your champion’s abilities and using them to last-hit minions effectively. 

Timing is everything. Practice hitting minions only when their health is low enough for a single attack to finish them off. This not only maximizes your gold income but also keeps the minion wave in a favorable position. 

Pay attention to the minion wave dynamics; knowing when to push the lane and when to let it come to you can make a big difference in your CS count. 

Additionally, don’t forget to farm neutral monsters in the jungle when you have a safe opportunity. High CS numbers indicate good resource management, a vital skill for outpacing your opponents and equipping yourself for victory.

3. Vision Control: Wards and Map Awareness

Securing Vision with Bard

Effective warding and sharp map awareness are game-changers, significantly influencing your match outcomes and rankings. Placing wards in strategic locations gives your team a massive advantage by revealing enemy movements and preventing ambushes. 

It’s not just about dropping wards randomly but understanding where vision is most needed at different points in the game. 

For instance, warding a dragon or baron before they spawn can prepare your team for the upcoming fight or even prevent the enemy from attempting to take it. Map awareness goes hand in hand with warding. 

By constantly checking the map, you can make informed decisions, anticipate enemy ganks, and seize opportunities to help teammates or secure objectives. Mastering these aspects can drastically improve your play, steering you closer to earning S+ rankings in every game.

4. Objective Prioritization

Focusing on dragons, barons, and turrets isn’t just about gaining an immediate advantage. It’s a crucial strategy for swinging the game in your favor and boosting your rankings. Dragons offer powerful team-wide buffs, making them invaluable targets. 

Securing baron can turn the tide of the game, giving your team enhanced minions to push lanes effectively. Turrets not only open up the map for greater control but also provide gold to strengthen your team. 

Prioritizing these objectives requires good communication, warding for vision control, and understanding the right moment to strike. It’s a delicate balance between risk and reward, as contesting these objectives unwisely can lead to setbacks. 

However, when done correctly, focusing on these crucial aspects of the game can lead to consistent victories and, ultimately, higher rankings. Remember, objectives win games, and winning games gets you closer to S+ rankings in every match.

5. Effective Team Communication

Clear and positive communication is a game-winner in League of Legends. It’s all about letting your teammates know your plans, spotting enemy movements, and calling out when objectives such as dragons or barons are up for grabs. 

A simple “ping” on the map can save a teammate or secure a kill. Keeping chat positive boosts team morale, making everyone more likely to work together and pull off stunning plays. 

Remember, a team that talks and listens has a better shot at coordinating its strategies, leading to more victories. And more victories mean a higher chance of earning S+ rankings in every game.

6. Adapting to the Game Flow

Split pushing in league of legends

League of Legends is like a river; it’s constantly changing, and you need to flow with it. This means adjusting your strategy as the game evolves. 

If your team is ahead, consider how you can press your advantage, maybe by securing objectives or setting traps for the enemy. Falling behind? Look for safe farming opportunities or catch out lone enemies to make a comeback. 

It’s about reading the game, understanding what your team needs, and then acting on it. Flexibility and quick thinking can turn the tide, helping you climb closer to those S+ rankings in every match.

Advanced Tips and Tactics

Here are some advanced tips and tactics designed to refine your gameplay further. From champion mastery to psychological strategies, these insights will help elevate your skills and push you closer to achieving S+ rankings in every game.

Champion Mastery and Role Specialization

Specializing in specific champions or roles is a game-changer when aiming for S+ rankings. By dedicating your time and effort to mastering a select few champions or a particular role, you can improve your skills and gain a deeper understanding of the intricacies involved. 

This specialization can ultimately lead to better gameplay and more success in the game. It’s about knowing your champion’s limits, mastering their combos, and understanding how they fit into various team compositions. 

Tailoring your playstyle to your chosen role or champion enables you to anticipate and counter your opponents more effectively.

Mastery leads to consistency, and consistency leads to success. Embrace specialization as a pathway to unlocking your full potential and achieving those coveted S+ rankings in every game.

Analyzing High-level Gameplay

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Watching high-ranking streamers and professional players is a treasure trove of learning opportunities. These players often showcase advanced strategies, decision-making processes, and in-depth game knowledge that you can absorb and apply to your own gameplay. 

Observing how pros navigate complex situations, adapt their strategies, and communicate with their team offers invaluable insights. Pay attention to their positioning, item choices, and how they respond to different game phases. 

Analyzing these elements can reveal new ways to approach your matches, enhancing your tactical understanding and problem-solving skills. 

Implementing these tips and tactics into your playstyle can significantly boost your chances of securing S+ rankings in every game, setting you apart from the competition.

Itemization and Build Flexibility

Adapting your item build based on the enemy team composition and how the game unfolds is crucial for climbing to that S+ ranking. It’s not just about sticking to a preset item path; it’s about understanding what your team needs and what will counter the enemy’s strengths. 

If the opposing team is heavy on magic damage, consider items that offer magic resistance early on. Similarly, if you’re ahead, items that push your advantage while keeping you safe from potential comebacks are key. 

Flexibility in your build allows you to respond dynamically to threats and opportunities, making you a more formidable player. 

Always keep an eye on the game’s flow and adjust your items accordingly. This strategic flexibility can significantly impact your performance and is a vital tip for earning S+ rankings in every game.

Psychological Edge: Staying Positive and Learning from Mistakes

The journey to achieving S+ rankings is as much about your mindset as it is about your skills on the battlefield. Maintaining a positive attitude, even in the face of defeat, can set you apart from other players. 

Each loss is not a setback but an opportunity to learn something new about your playstyle, your chosen champions, or the game itself. 

Embrace mistakes as lessons that guide your improvement. Dealing with pressure is also a part of the game; learning to stay calm and focused, regardless of the game’s state, can turn potential losses into wins. 

Remember, the psychological edge comes from resilience, the willingness to learn, and the ability to stay motivated towards your goal. Keeping a positive mindset and learning from every game will make you a better player and increase your chances of earning those coveted S+ rankings.

Wrapping Up

Achieving S+ rankings in every game is about combining skill, strategy, and the right mindset. By focusing on improving your gameplay through mastering specific champions, optimizing your KDA, and maintaining high CS, you’re setting the foundation for success. 

Remember, controlling vision and prioritizing objectives can significantly impact your game’s outcome. Keep learning, stay positive, and use losses as opportunities to grow. 

With dedication and the right approach, following these tips can lead you to consistently earn S+ rankings, making every match a step closer to mastery.