The future of E3 is in limbo as more publishers withdraw

Sega and Tencent are reportedly also pulling out of the highly anticipated Electronic Entertainment Expo 2023, leaving the event’s... Shubh | 30. March 2023

Sega and Tencent are reportedly also pulling out of the highly anticipated Electronic Entertainment Expo 2023, leaving the event’s future in jeopardy.

According to a report on IGN, publishers Devolver Digital, Sega, and Tencent are reportedly pulling out of the Electronic Entertainment Expo. IGN claims that after speaking with several PR outlets, there is a great deal of misunderstanding around the expo, with many people not knowing who will be present.

Also, there is a communication gap between the companies and the event’s organizers, Reedpop, and the ESA, which made things worse and raises doubts about the event’s future. These cancellations are the latest in a series of disappointments received by E3 in recent months.

Earlier this year, Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo all announced that they will skip the exhibition and instead promote their gaming software and hardware through other means. According to Video Games Chronicle, Ubisoft also decided to follow the suit and withdrew a few days ago to host its own event.

The implications of E3 2023’s possible cancellation?

The Electronic Entertainment Expo has been a cornerstone of the gaming industry ever since it debuted in 1995. As the biggest gaming convention in the world, E3 allowed gaming studios to communicate with players in new and different ways and provided them a stage on which fans witnessed some of the most amazing games ever made for the first time.

After initial success, E3 has either been suspended or held online due to the COVID-19 epidemic for the past three years, but it was finally planned to make a triumphant comeback on June 13–15 in the Los Angeles Convention Center. Expectations were extremely high for gaming’s most well-known event as it appeared that there was a solid foundation in place behind the scenes.

E3 2023, however, seemed to lose its relevance as more businesses began to favor individually tailored events. Also, a lot of publishers and distributors still have a long way to go before their budgets are fully restored following the severe cuts made in the wake of the pandemic. ReedPop, the event’s organizer, is still committed to holding this year’s E3, but the growing number of publishers quitting the yearly exhibition is concerning.

There is currently no official word on what will happen to E3, but the chances that it will be abandoned if the organizers decide to cancel it are very high. E3 still has a well-known platform with a strong reputation, so even while this decision would force the ESA to face some uncomfortable truths, it might completely change the course of the convention. Instead of emphasizing commercial displays, the event could be adjusted to be more of a community event for players and fans.

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