The 10 Best Young Attacking Midfielders to Sign in Career Mode

Dive into EA Sports FC 24’s Career Mode, where the right young talent can make all the difference! Imagine... Aleksandar | 7. February 2024

Dive into EA Sports FC 24’s Career Mode, where the right young talent can make all the difference! Imagine crafting a dream squad that thrives not just today but for seasons to come. 

That’s the magic of picking the best young attacking midfielders in EA Sports FC 24. These aren’t just players; they’re your future goal-scoring legends, assist kings, and match-winners. 

With the right picks, you’ll build a team that’s not just strong now but a powerhouse for years. Get ready to meet the young stars set to rock your game world!

Top 10 Young Attacking Midfielders to Sign in EA Sports FC 24

Kickstart your squad’s future by exploring the top 10 young attacking midfielders to sign in EA Sports FC 24. These rising stars promise skill, flair, and the potential to transform your Career Mode journey!

1. Jude Bellingham

Jude Bellingham - best attacking midfield

  • Age: 20
  • Team: Real Madrid
  • Potential: 92

In EA Sports FC 24, Jude Bellingham is a standout, packing a mix of solid skills, high potential, and unique traits that set him apart. With an ability to fit into various team strategies and formations, he’s the versatile powerhouse your midfield needs. 

Whether you’re building a team around quick plays or strategic holds, Jude syncs perfectly with your game plan. In Career Mode, his growth trajectory is not just a number; it’s a journey. 

You’ll see him evolve, improving your team’s core strength season after season. Jude’s realistic progression in the game mirrors his rising real-life stature, making him a smart pick for managers eyeing both present impact and future dominance.

2. Jamal Musiala

  • Age: 20 (turns 21 on February 26)
  • Team: Bayern Munich
  • Potential: 93

Jamal Musiala in EA Sports FC 24 is the player you turn to when the game needs a twist. His versatility shines, fitting into multiple positions with ease, making him a tactical ace up your sleeve. 

On the field, it’s his dribbling skills that steal the show, weaving through defenses and creating chances that others only dream of. But Jamal’s not just about the dazzle; he’s a true game-changer. 

His potential in matches is massive, often turning the tide in your favor with his smart plays and quick thinking. In Career Mode, watch Jamal grow, evolving into a player who doesn’t just play the game but reinvents it each season, making him an essential pick for any manager looking to make a mark.

3. Xavi Simons

  • Age: 20
  • Team: RB Leipzig (Loaned from PSG)
  • Potential: 89

Xavi Simons speeds in as one of the best young attacking midfielders in EA Sports FC 24, known for his quick pace and slick skill moves. He’s fast and a dynamo in boosting your team’s performance with every touch. 

In Career Mode, Xavi’s journey is marked by significant progress, with his potential skyrocketing as the seasons pass. You’ll find him ready to play from the start, fitting seamlessly into your lineup. 

Utilize his speed and tricks to outsmart opponents and create opportunities. With the proper training and game time, Xavi Simons can become a cornerstone of your squad, making every match in EA Sports FC 24 a show of his growing talent.

4. Florian Wirtz

  • Age: 20
  • Team: Bayer Leverkusen
  • Potential: 91

Florian Wirtz brings top-notch playmaking to the game as one of the best young attacking midfielders in Career Mode. Known for his precise passing and clear vision, Florian can control the game and create chances out of thin air. 

His ability to read the match and deliver pinpoint passes makes him a key player on the field. In Career Mode, watch Florian’s skills develop rapidly, making a big impact on your team’s success. 

With his growth potential, he’s not just a player for the present; he’s an investment for your team’s future. Trust Florian to consistently set up goals and keep your offense dynamic, making him a must-have for any squad looking to dominate in EA Sports FC 24.

5. Arda Güler

  • Age: 18 (turns 19 on February 25)
  • Team: Real Madrid
  • Potential: 88

Arda Güler, known for his striking early career feats, brings exceptional technical skills and flexibility to your team. His ability to adapt to multiple roles on the field makes him a versatile asset in EA Sports FC 24. 

Additionally, Arda’s potential rating shines bright, promising significant growth as you progress through Career Mode. He’s not just growing; he’s evolving, ready to meet the demands of different tactical setups. 

Whether your style is fast-paced attacks or controlled possession, Arda fits right in, seamlessly blending with your team’s dynamics. 

His development journey in the game mirrors his real-world promise, making him a tactical fit for managers looking to craft a team that’s adaptable, skillful, and forward-thinking.

6. Eljif Elmas

  • Age: 24
  • Team: RB Leipzig
  • Potential: 86

Eljif Elmas is a versatile midfield maestro in EA Sports FC 24, ready to adapt to any position you need. His main strengths lie in his solid passing, smart positioning, and ability to read the game, enhancing your team’s midfield dynamics. 

Eljif’s growth potential in Career Mode is impressive, promising a journey from a promising talent to a midfield powerhouse. His adaptability makes him a strategic signing for various clubs, easily fitting into different playing styles. 

Whether you’re at the helm of a newborn team or steering a top-tier club, Eljif’s versatility and growth trajectory make him a smart addition to your squad, ensuring your midfield is in capable hands.

7. Oscar Gloukh

  • Age: 19
  • Team: RB Salzburg
  • Potential: 86

Oscar Gloukh enters EA Sports FC 24 with a skill set that sets him apart from his peers. He is a standout player known for his sharp dribbling, precise passing, and keen game awareness. 

His high potential signals a promising future, marking him as a vital player in Career Mode. Oscar’s adaptability means he can fit into various roles, making him a versatile asset for any team. As you advance through Career Mode, expect to see Oscar’s skills flourish. 

His development is steady and impactful, ensuring that he not only meets but exceeds expectations. Whether you’re building a team for now or the future, Oscar’s blend of talent and adaptability makes him a top pick for a robust and dynamic midfield.

8. Tom Bischof

  • Age: 18
  • Team: TSG Hoffenheim
  • Potential: 86

Tom Bischof is a gem among the best young attacking midfielders in EA Sports FC 24, ideal for managers on a budget. His starting stats are impressive, offering a solid foundation for growth, and his potential in Career Mode is sky-high. 

Tom is not just cost-effective but also a wise investment. His skills, including crisp passing and agile movement, make him a standout. In Career Mode, boosting Tom’s talent is rewarding as you watch him evolve into a midfield powerhouse. 

Also, his development path is clear, making him a prime pick for teams aiming to build a strong future without breaking the bank. With Tom, you’re not just saving funds but securing a player who’ll deliver performance and growth.

9. Dominik Szoboszlai

  • Age: 23
  • Team: Liverpool
  • Potential: 87

Meet Dominik Szoboszlai, a midfielder known for ruling the center of the park in EA Sports FC 24. His technical skills are top-notch, making every pass count and every shot a potential goal, especially from a distance. 

Dominik is not just a player; he’s a force, perfect for teams aiming high. In top-tier squads, his role is crucial, delivering impactful plays and shaping match outcomes. His journey in Career Mode is a thrilling one, showing impressive development as he grows into a key player. 

Expect Dominik to contribute significantly, turning matches in your favor with his skillful plays and powerful long shots. He’s the player you want when the game’s on the line, ready to make the difference.

10. Oihan Sancet

  • Age: 23
  • Team: Athletic Bilbao
  • Potential: 87

Oihan Sancet is the player you want for versatility and flair in your game. His unique attributes and adaptable playing style mean he excels in various tactical setups, making him a valuable asset for any team. 

In Career Mode, Oihan’s potential is impressive. Watch him transform from a promising talent to a critical player, integral to your squad’s success. He’s the kind of player who seamlessly blends into your team, understanding and enhancing the dynamics with his gameplay. 

Whether your strategy calls for creativity, strength, or precision, Oihan adapts and delivers, proving time and again why he’s a smart choice for teams looking to build a solid, cohesive unit.


Choosing the best young attacking midfielders in EA Sports FC 24 is your ticket to a thrilling Career Mode journey. These talents are more than just players; they’re your future legends, each with unique skills and promising growth potential. 

They don’t just play but shape the game and your team’s destiny. So, dive into the game, pick these rising stars, and watch your team transform. 

Remember, investing in these young attacking midfielders in EA Sports FC 24 is not just about winning matches; it’s about building a legacy.