Team Vitality presents new lineup for the LEC 2023

There’s a roster! The popular esports organization Team Vitality has announced  starting lineup for the 2023 LEC season. Team... Eduardo | 24. December 2022

There’s a roster! The popular esports organization Team Vitality has announced  starting lineup for the 2023 LEC season.

Team Vitality’s “almost” new lineup

The speculations of the last weeks of the offseason have been confirmed. Well, the new lineup of League of Legends Team Vitality is formed by four new players and Perkz, the only survivor of the 2022 roster.

The rest of the players have just arrived at the organization: Kaiser, “Photon,” and “Bo.” At the same time, Matúš “Neon” Jakubčík has yet to make his debut at the highest competitive level in Europe.

Three of these players come to Team Vitality as Free Agents, as their contracts ended in the last two months, and there were strong rumors that they would join the team.

On the other hand, Bo has played with the team since June of this year, but as a substitute, he has been promoted to starting jungler. This player was part of FunPlus Phoenix and eStar Young in the last seasons.

Imported lineup

Bo, meanwhile, is not the only player coming to Team Vitality as an import for the 2023 LEC season. Phonton comes from playing, for one year, in the T1 Challengers.

In his early career, Phonton played under the Liiv SANDOX Academy and Gen.G. banner.

On the other hand, Neon and Kaiser are the European players who are part of Team Vitality for the LEC 2023. Neon arrives from Misfits, a team that will not continue in the LEC in 2023.

Kaiser played with MAD Lions for the past three years and was one of the key pillars for the team to lift two LEC trophies. Unfortunately, as we know, Kaiser parted ways with MAD last November, even though he had one more year on his contract.

New Technical Staff

Team Vitality also announced a new Technical Staff for the 2023 LEC season. It includes the following names:

  • Carter – Head Coach
  • Hjarnanx – Assistant Coach
  • Kayyslol – Analyst
  • VITStuii – Team Manager

Similarly, as they point out in each of the Tweets, these changes are still awaiting approval from Riot Games.

Remember that the 2023 LEC season starts next January 21, with the new Winter Split that the organizers have added in the last weeks.

The organization states in its release that:

“The new LEC roster will aim to take Team Vitality to new heights, combining players with international experience, high potential talent, and superstar players.”

Team Vitality’s president and co-founder, Fabien “Neo” Devide said:

“After this year, it was necessary to take stock. So the whole team came together and worked with one goal: to take Team Vitality into a new era. You got it; the arrival of our new Jungler Bo is the first step. Around him, we have built a team of young talent that promises to be explosive. Because yes, it’s a new era, but it’s not about denying our DNA, which is to reveal and develop the talents of eSports.”

Header: Team Vitality | Twitter