Take a look at the new Overwatch 2 Developer Update

Overwatch 2 will receive some significant updates this season, and gamers are eagerly anticipating the improvements. In a developer... Stalingrad | 12. April 2024

Overwatch 2 will receive some significant updates this season, and gamers are eagerly anticipating the improvements. In a developer update today, Blizzard Entertainment released several new features which will unquestionably improve the Overwatch 2 experience.

Unlocking All Heroes

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Most notable is the decision to make all Overwatch heroes available to players. From Season 10 onwards, players won’t need to earn heroes via the Battle Pass to play them. Instead, all existing Overwatch characters will be added to the playable roster, while every new hero will be available immediately, including new character Venture.

This change is a big boost for brand new players, who could enjoy the entire roster of heroes immediately. It also benefits veteran players, who can now play with different heroes without having to unlock them first.

New Mythic Shop and Skin Progression

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The Mythic Shop is another big update as it gives players more choice and control over how they earn and unlock Mythic hero skins. The new system will allow players to progress towards the Mythic skins they want, whether that be more colors or model variations of a skin or a different one altogether.

Additionally the Mythic Shop will sell current and older Mythic skins, meaning players can pick up seasonal Mythic skins up to two seasons after their initial release. This means that in Season 10 players will get Mythic skins from Seasons 1 through 7.

Improved Challenges and Coin Earning

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Developer update also fixes issues with Overwatch 2’s challenges and coin earning system. First off, players will now earn coins as they progress through the Free and Premium tracks of the Battle Pass – making them more accessible. The seasonally available free-to-earn coins will be between 540 and 600, a welcome upgrade from previous seasons.

Additionally, weekly challenges will now offer Battle Pass XP for a prize, making them more palatable for players with various playstyles.

Maps & Game Modes

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New maps and game modes are also expected for Overwatch 2 players. Season 10 will also see the release of the highly anticipated Clash game mode alongside the new Hanaoka map. The Runasapi map (pictured against the backdrop of Peru) and a reworked Colosseo map will then arrive in Season 11.

In addition, the developer update notes that “we are continuing to make big improvements to existing maps (like Dorado, Circuit Royale, Havana and Numbani) as a result of player feedback.”

How to Keep a Healthy Gameplay Experience

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In addition to visual and content improvements, the Overwatch 2 team is also working on healthy and balanced gameplay. The developer update outlines the team’s continued commitment to a regular cycle of change – from the competitive system to rank resets and new rewards.

The team is also working on disruptive player conduct, grouping restrictions and player anonymity, as well as ensuring a fair and enjoyable experience for all players.


The Overwatch 2 developer update is packed with big updates that will wow the game’s fans. From unlocking all heroes to the new Mythic Shop and improved coin earning, Blizzard Entertainment is making improvements to the overall player experience.

The addition of new maps, game modes and the team’s commitment to a healthy and balanced gaming environment further cement Overwatch 2 as a fluid and engaging title. With the community eagerly anticipating these updates, Overwatch 2 looks better than ever.