Saudi Arabia announce world’s first gaming and e-sports district at Qiddiya City

Saudi Arabia is set to establish the world’s first gaming and esports district in the heart of Qiddiya City. ... Shubh | 16. December 2023

Saudi Arabia is set to establish the world’s first gaming and esports district in the heart of Qiddiya City. 

Saudi Arabia is about to drop a bomb in the gaming world! They’re planning to set up the world’s first-ever gaming and esports district right smack in the middle of Qiddiya City. This jaw-dropping project, courtesy of the Qiddiya Investment Company, includes super cool esports venues, a mega-sized stadium, and digs for up to twenty-five esports clubs. Brace yourselves because this place is gonna be the ultimate gaming hub, part of the massive Qiddiya entertainment extravaganza that shows Saudi Arabia means business in the fast-growing world of esports.

All you need to know about the world’s first gaming & esports district

Spread across a whopping 500,000 square meters, the gaming and esports district is more than just space – it’s a gaming paradise. Four top-notch esports venues decked out with the latest tech, crazy-fast networks, and flashy RGB lighting. It’s like stepping into a gamer’s dream world. And if that’s not enough, they’re throwing in 100,000 square meters of gaming-themed shops. Imagine living, working, and playing in a place like that – esports enthusiasts, rejoice!

Now, let’s talk about the cherry on top – the Esports Arena designed by the hotshots at Populous, featuring the world’s biggest combo of video screens and 4D haptic seats. It’s like they’re building a portal to a gaming fantasyland right in the middle of Saudi Arabia.

This whole shebang aligns with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s vision for a booming esports sector. The Crown Prince wants Saudi Arabia to be a big player in the esports game, and he’s putting his money where his mouth is. The plan includes backing thirty video game companies and turning Qiddiya City into a playground for developers, publishers, and all the cool people in the gaming industry.

It’s not just about tournaments; they’re all about nurturing talent and getting everyone, from pros to noobs, excited about gaming. But hold on, it gets better. This district isn’t a one-time party venue. Nope, it’s a permanent home for twenty-five esports clubs. These lucky clubs get to enjoy top-notch facilities all year round.

And they’re expecting ten million visits a year by 2030. That’s right – Qiddiya City is gearing up to be the global HQ for gaming and esports.This game-changing project with its futuristic venues and mind-blowing experiences is a whole new level for the gaming community.

Header: Populous