Rocket League: Xbox Tips and Tricks to become PRO

Rocket League, the high-octane vehicular soccer game, has taken the gaming world by storm with its unique blend of... Stalingrad | 13. March 2024

Rocket League, the high-octane vehicular soccer game, has taken the gaming world by storm with its unique blend of intense action and strategic gameplay. For Xbox players looking to elevate their skills and dominate the competition, mastering car control is crucial. Here, we share essential hacks and tricks to turn even the casual Rocket League fan into a pro on the field.

Exploring the Fate of the Backflip

Rocket League Backflip

The backflip is among the best weapons a Rocket League player has. This seemingly simple technique can catch opponents off guard and win the ball. Once players have mastered the half-flip (held by pressing up on the thumbstick after a backflip with ball cam off), they can immediately face the other direction while still maintaining control. Combining the half-flip with an air roll further refines this technique, allowing for smooth transitions and maintaining control of the ball.

The Importance of Landing Straight

Rocket League Landing Straight

Proper positioning is important before even considering ball possession. In Rocket League, players should always aim to land in the direction of travel whenever a car takes to the air. Aligning themselves properly will give them a huge lead in battling the next hit and gaining the ball. This seemingly simple yet underrated technique can make all the difference in ensuring victory.

What are Hitboxes?

Rocket League hitboxes

Rocket League has a unique hitbox – a rectangular area invisible to the eye that extends beyond the vehicle’s visible contours. Understanding the car hitbox is key to mastering control and predicting the impact reaction of the ball. Spending some time in practice mode and observing how the ball interacts with the hitbox of the car will give players an intuitive grasp of this fundamental concept so they can execute sophisticated tactics with pinpoint precision.

Toggling Ball Cam Mastering Ball Cam

Rocket League Ball Cam

The use of the ball cam toggle is one of the more underrated tactics in Rocket League. Turning off the ball cam allows greater mobility and also lets you position the car in a straight line when controlling and dribbling the ball on the ground. In contrast, allowing the ball cam to activate while you are not dribbling gives an overview of the ball’s path and opponent positions. Switching between these modes effectively can give players a significant tactical advantage over opponents.

Popping Up the Ball

Rocket League Popping

Transitioning the ball from the ground to the roof of the car seamlessly is a fundamental ability that separates amateur dribbling from professional-level skill. To do so, players should push towards the ball and tap the left trigger to release slowly before contact. The balance between speed and control is crucial – go way too fast and the ball will fly; find the correct speed and control, and you are golden. Too slowly and the opportunity will be missed. Careful practice in training mode is necessary to perfect this important technique.

Balancing a Trapped Ball

Rocket League Trapping

Whether popping the ball up or hanging it from the air, balancing it on the car is the next logical step towards dribbling supreme. Players should picture the car’s hitbox as a surface on which they are trying to balance the ball (sort of like balancing a ball on a book). When the ball moves to one side, the car must go in that direction to balance again. Driving in circles as the ball tilts will teach players instinctively how to keep it suspended on the edge of their car. This is definitely a trick that takes time and practice to perfect.


Rocket League flicks

After balancing the ball is mastered, players can move on to flicking – a technique that allows precise passes, shots, and maneuvers around defenders. A simple front flip will send the ball flying if it is centered on the car’s roof. If placed to one side, a side flip in that direction will produce a controlled flick. The path the ball takes will depend on where it is – farther forward for a broad shot, or near the spoiler for a more subtle hit. Playing around with different flick variations will give you a whole new offensive potential.

The Side-to-Side Scoop

Rocket League side to side scoop

The side-to-side scoop is one of the best intermediate dribbling moves. As players drive alongside the ball, turning the car into it will cause the ball to either scoop or roll to the opposite side of the vehicle. This maneuver maintains control and also keeps opponents guessing which makes scoring easy. Learning the side-to-side scoop is a crucial first step toward becoming a Rocket League dribbling master.

Air Roll

Rocket League air roll

During entry or exit from the wall, an air roll is essential for keeping control and sticking all four wheels to the surface after a hit. This technique ensures a controlled approach to the next play, either in the air or in the ground. Also, in Rocket League, landing on any surface resets the double jump, giving players a whole new set of aerial options. Whether you’re scooping the ball off the sidewall or preparing for an aerial assault, mastering air rolls will take gameplay to another level.

The Ball Indicator

Rocket League ball indicator

Few players notice, but when the ball cam is off, there’s a white circle indicating where the ball will contact the ground and how far it is from making contact. This subtle but effective aid can be crucial when trapping and dribbling the ball, or making precise touches when the ball is directly overhead. Applying this overlooked feature can give you a huge advantage over opponents.

By implementing these tips and tricks, Xbox players can elevate their Rocket League skills to new levels, transforming themselves into formidable pros on the virtual pitch. Mastery requires practice, willingness to make mistakes and a relentless pursuit of improvement. In the Rocket League arena, players can take their game to new heights with perseverance and guidance and leave opponents speechless with their car control and strategic genius. The road to greatness is long, but those who master these techniques will be well on their way to joining the ranks of Rocket League legends.
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