RLCS Major 1 Copenhagen is second most-watched Rocket League esports event ever

The first Rocket League Major event of the year just became the second most-watched ever in the esport’s history.... Paolo | 2. April 2024

The first Rocket League Major event of the year just became the second most-watched ever in the esport’s history.

Data from esports statistics provider Esports Charts show that the RLCS Major 1 Copenhagen tournament garnered 434,669 peak views – surpassed only by the 2022-23 World Championship which had close to 469,000 peak views.

Esports Charts say, the French community is now the leading demographic for this esport title, and streamer-backed organizations – such as Kamet0 and Karmine Corp, are responsible for this uptick in viewership.

“Affirming that the event was heavily boosted by French audiences, the most popular language of the tournament was French, and the top five most popular matches all included French organizations,” Esports Charts noted.

The RLCS 2024 Major’s peak matchup was that of Karmine Corp and Gentle Mates Alpine, Esports Charts noted. They say the views are contributed by Corentin “Gotaga” Houssein and Kamel “Kamet0” Kebir’s personal Twitch channels.

“French content creators founded both teams and they support their teams through community casts of their matches,” Esports Charts noted.

Gotaga, who owns Gentle Mates Alpine, is an ex-Call of Duty pro who also streams his team’s important matches. Kamet0, meanwhile, does the same for essential matches of Karmine Corp and has done the same for the team’s VALORANT matches, such as in the recently-concluded Masters Madrid. 

Despite the short amount of live broadcast hours compared to other titles, the Rocket League Major event got a total of 4.86 million esports hours watched across four days.


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Aside from the Karmine Corp-Gentle Mates Alpine match, the other matches that were viewed the most during RLCS Major Copenhagen were:

2) G2 vs Gentle Mates Alpine (March 31st) = 379,026 PV

3) Karmine Corp vs Team Falcons (March 30th) = 288,174 PV

4) G2 vs Team Vitality (March 31st) = 268,881 PV

5) Gentle Mates Alpine vs Gen.G (March 30th) = 242,921 PV


“The French community has been a critical part of Rocket League’s viewership for years, but it has only recently become the leading demographic of the discipline. With the help of streamer-backed organisations, Rocket League is more popular than ever,” Esports Charts noted.