Paper Rex and Secretlab announce partnership agreement

A popular esports organization from Singapore, Paper Rex has announced a partnership with Secretlab which is known to produce... Jason | 4. June 2023

A popular esports organization from Singapore, Paper Rex has announced a partnership with Secretlab which is known to produce unique gaming chairs.

The initial announcement came via the official Twitter handle of the Paper Rex team. This collaboration will see a custom design gaming chair development that will also suit Paper Rex’s identity.

Secretlab claimed itself as a renowned ultimate choice for esports players, thanks to its unrivaled comfort, exceptional ergonomics, durability, and extensive customization options. It is the go-to brand for professional gamers seeking optimal support and performance during extended gaming sessions.

In this exciting collaboration, both organizations aim to develop a gaming chair that not only upholds the highest standards of comfort and durability but also embodies the unique aesthetic and branding of PRX. Known for their creative jerseys adorned with vibrant themes and designs. PRX’s distinct identity will be seamlessly integrated into the chair’s visual appeal. So, are we going to see those eye-catching dinosaur designs on chairs as well? Time will tell but fans are indeed excited to see end results.

Last month also, HyperX, a well-known leader in gaming and esports renowned for its exceptional headsets and microphones, renewed its partnership with Paper Rex. This exciting collaboration, announced last month, aims to further enhance the gaming and streaming experience. By leveraging HyperX’s cutting-edge audio technology, Paper Rex can provide its players and content creators with top-notch equipment.

Secretlab past collaboration with Esports Team

Secretlab has a strong history of collaborating with esports teams, as evidenced by recent partnerships. In March of this year, Talon Esports, an Asian esports organization, announced an exciting collaboration with Secretlab. Similarly, last year, Team Vitality revealed its partnership with Secretlab.

These collaborations have seen the two entities working closely together to co-design exclusive gaming chairs tailored to outfit the teams and facilities of Talon Esports and Team Vitality. This demonstrates Secretlab’s commitment to providing top-tier comfort and support to professional gamers through tailored, team-specific chair designs.

In recent times, Paper Rex has truly emerged as a force to be reckoned with. They emerged as the reigning champion by securing victory in the VCT Pacific playoffs. The highly anticipated grand final showdown between Paper Rex and DRX captivated a massive audience of nearly 400,000 viewers, solidifying their status as a top contender in the esports scene.

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