| 20. August 2020

New Legends of Runeterra Keyword Daybreak and Solari Cards Revealed

Riot sure does like doing things fast! The Legends of Runeterra Nocturne reveal is still fresh news and yet they’ve already announced a brand-new keyword Daybreak that’s directly tied to an upcoming Solari champion! This means Leona is all but officially confirmed.

So how does Daybreak work exactly? The Daybreak bonus activates when it’s the first card you play in a turn. This makes it the exact opposite of Nightfall — both literally and thematically.

Riot also gave us a glimpse at four Daybreak-related cards: Solari Soldier, Solari Shieldbearer, Sun Guardian, and Rahvun, Daylight’s Spear.

Let’s go over each card in greater detail:

  • Solari Soldier is a one mana unit with 2 | 2 and a Daybreak passive that’ll give him +1 | +1 for the rest of round.
  • Solari Shieldbearer, on the other hand, is a two mana unit with 3 | 2. Activating Daybreak will grant him +0 | +4 throughout the round in which he’s summoned. Having a two mana follower with six HP points is quite a formidable block on the road.
  • Sun Guardian is a six mana unit with 4 | 3 and an Overwhelm keyword. His passive will grant him +4 | +4 for the remainder of the round. Six mana is nothing to scoff at, but neither is his passive.
  • Last but certainly not least, Rahvun, Daylight’s Spear is a key five mana unit with 5 | 5. If you summon him first, he’ll create a random Daybreak card in your hand. That’s quite nifty, but that’s just the first half of his passive, with the second half being much more important (and impactful). While Rahvun is on the field, the Daybreak passive will constantly be active. This means that successively summoned units will have their Daybreak passive activated even though they’re summoned afterwards. Getting Rahvun on the field will be of the utmost importance.
Synergy Galore

The sheer amount of brute power present within these cards is simply baffling. If you can get Rahvun on the field, the rest of your cards will automatically reach their empowered state. This means they’ll be far more powerful than their mana cost would ever suggest.

Even better, Daybreak cards are equally dangerous in both offensive and defensive scenarios and — while it’s still too early to know for certain — seem much stronger than Nightfall. With Diana being rumored as yet another upcoming champion, maybe the Lunari set of cards will synergize with the whole night thematic, therefore making it stronger.

The only thing Daybreak needs is a strong Solari champion that’s going to tie up a few loose ends and make this into a very competitive meta option.

Closing Remarks

With Daybreak now being official in Legends of Runeterra, Riot will surely announce a Solari champion (or two?) in mere days if not hours. We’ll bring you any update from the moment it hits the web! In the meantime, grind as much as possible because once the Call of the Mountain expansion hits live servers, you’ll need a ton of shards to unlock these shiny new cards!

The Call of the Mountain expansion will ship on August 26th!