Maria | 24. January 2023

More money for VALORANT partner teams through in-game content

The head of VALORANT Esport has recently revealed that the access of partner teams to the game’s monetization is coming soon. The goal is to offer players and teams the possibility to earn more money.

Leo Faria, Global Director of VALORANT Esports, said in a podcast that there would soon be more opportunities for VALORANT-affiliated organizations to earn money in their leagues. So far, the primary source of revenue has been the sale of skins, but it looks like this will change soon. They are opening up more opportunities for players and teams to receive payment from other sources.

More opportunities for teams to earn money

VALORANT teams have only been able to obtain funding from Riot Games over the past two years through tournament earnings and sales of Champion’s Pack skins.

However, VALORANT Esports global director Leo Faria recently stated on The Wisemen podcast that teams in affiliated leagues would soon have more opportunities to earn money in the game beyond progressing to VALORANT Champions.

“We support affiliated teams in several ways.”

“The first option is the scholarship. Teams receive a fairly substantial fixed amount just for being in the league, and we want to give them a predictable income.”

“The second thing is a portion of the revenue from in-game goodies. As you know, the Champions Bundle has been incredibly successful over the last two years… We also give the teams a big part of the revenue from the content they offer with their team branding.”

On the other hand, Leo Faria commented that Riot worked with each organization to choose the partner teams. The goal of these partnerships is to provide various types of gaming content for fans.

Equipment branding for game content

Riot Games was reluctant to charge for equipment in its games for a long time. In contrast, some games (such as CS:GO) have had no problem offering player-branded content for community purchases.

This measure seems to benefit all teams and not just individuals. Teams receive a guarantee of money for a minimum amount of game-related revenue. The goal is to support smaller organizations that do not have as many supporters as other teams.

On the other hand, Faria commented that teams are rewarded for doing things like planning a viewing party.

Anything that contributes to the expansion of VALORANT Esport should benefit the players in some way. However, fans will probably have to be patient, as it is not yet clear when the game’s content will be released, along with the branding of the partner teams.

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