LGD and Xtreme are eliminated from BetBoom Dacha Dubai

Despite the great start they had at BetBoom Dacha Dubai, LGD Gaming and Xtreme Gaming were both eliminated in... Radu M. | 13. February 2024

Despite the great start they had at BetBoom Dacha Dubai, LGD Gaming and Xtreme Gaming were both eliminated in the playoffs after just two matches.

This leaves the Chinese region with just one representative left in the race – Azury Ray, who will play later today against Team Falcons in the upper bracket.

LGD Gaming’s elimination

LGD won group A with a record of 1 W – 4 D – 0 L. And this was no easy group. It had teams like Gaimin Gladiators, Team Liquid, and Team Falcons. To draw against all of them is quite an achievement. So, naturally, people had high expectations from LGD at the start of the playoffs.

But the first match, against BetBoom Team, did not go as planned. In both games, LGD picked heroes that had the potential to win the lanes and then snowball between the 10 and 20 minute marks.

Meanwhile, BetBoom decided to go for a late-game hero composition that can withstand pressure thanks to a tanky offlaner (Dragon Knight) and powerful early-game supports like Chen. This worked well for them, even though in game 1 they had to make a comeback from a nearly 8000 gold disadvantage.

In the lower bracket, LGD ran into Team Spirit, who won Riyadh Masters and The International in 2023. Needless to say, they were outplayed quite heavily in this match and found themselves losing both games in 31 minutes. Spirit’s drafts made excellent use of powerful combinations. Yatoro was given Slark and Sven and he played really well with them.

Xtreme Gaming’s elimination

Xtreme Gaming won group B with a record of 3 W – 2 D – 0 L, defeating Azure Ray and drawing against Spirit. These results clearly suggested that Ame’s team would do well in the playoffs. But the exact opposite happened.

In the upper bracket match against Falcons, Xtreme found themselves unable to output enough damage in team fights. Their drafts were not bad, but the items that were chosen by the team members did not work well together. The games lasted for more than 50 minutes and were lost each time against a Naga Siren draft.

In the second match, against Team Liquid, Xtreme had to play against Templar Assassin. This proved to be much harder than expected. Despite the obvious counters, such as Viper, Ember Spirit, Phoenix, and Spectre, the Chinese team did not manage to stop TA’s progression and eventually lost each time.

Header: FISSURE, BetBoom