LCS segment around TSM drama that missed the mark

Gabby “LeTigress” Durden, a League of Legends broadcaster, has apologized for the monologue she delivered on Friday night’s LCS... Eduardo | 6. February 2023

Gabby “LeTigress” Durden, a League of Legends broadcaster, has apologized for the monologue she delivered on Friday night’s LCS broadcast before the game between 100 Thieves and TSM.

LeTigress received many negative reactions after addressing the issue regarding the complicated relationship between ADC superstar Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng and his former organization.

This happened during the official broadcast before the clash between TSM and 100 Thieves at the start of LCS 2023. Recall that Doublelift belonged to TSM in the past, and his departure from the organization was undoubtedly very painful for the player and the organization itself.

Doublelift and TSM

After two years away from the North American competitive scene, Doublelift returned to play under the 100 Thieves banner this 2023 season. As mentioned, in the past, he was part of TSM, where he had an altercation with the franchise owner.

From one moment to another, this altercation turned into a public fight between the organization and the player. To the point that Riot Games had to intervene to calm the waters.

After investigations by Riot, it was determined that Andy “Reginald” Dinh engaged in derogatory and intimidating behavior toward TSM staff and players. With that, Reginald was fined $75,000. In addition, several statements by TSM employees in the Washington Post prompted the investigation.

From that moment on, the organization has done nothing but try to clean up its image again. After all, TSM is one of the most critical organizations in the region. Also, for this reason, many viewers felt it was inappropriate for the LCS to expose the organization again.

LeTrigress apologizes

Following this situation, the commentator publicly apologized on her official Twitter account and said:

“I understand how polarizing the piece is and that there are people who are hurt by my involvement. You have a right to voice your opinion and I appreciate those who do so respectfully. I’m reflecting on this moment to inform how I approach content in the future.

I also continue to be horrified by the harassment and vitriol directed at me by anonymous trolls for simply doing my job. Please remember that I am a human, not an object to throw your hatred and anger toward because of one mistake.”

The commentator probably made the statements to make the segment of the LCS broadcast more exciting; it is also possible that a group of editors backs her.

On the other hand, Doublelift himself has referred to the presenter as “not very good.”. So let’s hope the waters calm down again, and we can enjoy each of the LCS teams.