Krimbo will stay with BIG for the foreseeable future

In 2023, BIG showed signs of strength and they might even become a top 10 team again next year.... Radu M. | 12. December 2023

In 2023, BIG showed signs of strength and they might even become a top 10 team again next year. Their results ranged from mediocre to decent, and have been steadily improving over the past three months.

Krimbo joined BIG in March 2022. Since then, a lot has changed, including most of the active roster. Gob b is now the team’s new coach, and three players, prosus, s1n, and mantuu, were signed on June 21 this year.

It’s clear that the German organization wants to accomplish more in Counter-Strike 2. This amazing esport has been dominated by Scandinavian, French, CIS, and American teams over the years. The perfectionism of the German spirit cannot accept that a country with a rich esports tradition such as Germany does not have any champions in CS2.

BIG’s results

Krimbo’s decision to extend his contract with BIG for several more years makes perfect sense given the team’s progress. On top of that, at 21 years old, the stability that this offers him is probably worth a lot more than trying to join a bigger club that may end up benching him after 4-6 months because he doesn’t perform at the desired level.

BIG’s ambitions are not as big as those of many other tier-1 CS2 teams, so even a top 16 result at half a dozen S-tier tournaments and multiple top four results at A-tier and B-tier tournaments are satisfactory. In 2023, BIG won several B-tier tournaments and even an A-tier competition.

At S-tier tournaments, the team struggled quite a bit but still had a handful of good results: 5th – 6th place at IEM Rio, 5th – 8th place at Roobet Cup, 5th – 8th place at Thunderpick World Championship, and 13th – 16th at IEM Katowice. BIG missed the Paris Major, but that was partly expected given the high number of formidable teams that competed in the qualifiers.

Krimbo’s background and performance

Krimbo was invited to continue playing for BIG thanks in part to his performance in 2023. Just in the past 3 months, his rating 2.0 was 1.20 and his headshots percentage was 50%. These statistics make him one of the better 21-year-olds who activate at the highest competitive level.

Prior to joining BIG, Krimbo played for multiple smaller teams, including BIG Academy. His talent and dedication were quickly spotted by the German organization, which offered him a spot on the main team.

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