How to sign up for Marvel Rivals play test?

A new Marvel video game is coming and it is already looking like a must play for hero shooters... Stalingrad | 1. April 2024

A new Marvel video game is coming and it is already looking like a must play for hero shooters and the Marvel universe. Marvel Rivals is a 6v6 competitive shooter which includes teams of renowned Marvel characters and villains fighting one another in arenas destroyed by lightning and fire.

The Marvel Universe Meets Overwatch


Based on the gameplay footage we have seen so far, Marvel Rivals seems to be heavily influenced by successful hero shooters like Overwatch. At launch, players can pick from over a dozen playable characters with various capabilities and play styles. Presently confirmed are fan favorite Spider-Man, Scarlet Witch, Magneto and Black Panther.

New Perspectives on the Hero Shooter


But Marvel Rivals also throws some new light into the hero shooter formula. Rather than the standard first-person perspective, things are performed from a third person perspective which ought to make for more cinematic fighting. Maps also become partially destructible to allow for the battlefield to evolve dynamically throughout the match.

The most intriguing new gameplay mechanic is arguably the “Team-Up” system. Closely allied characters such as Rocket and Groot can pause at times to unleash devastating co-op abilities, giving you another layer of strategy to consider when building your team.

A Marvel Multiverse Storyline


The plot itself is pure comic book madness, too. The evil Doctor Doom and his alternate universe of 2099 have caused a “Timestream Entanglement” that combines multiple Marvel universes into one jumbled reality. This inevitably gathers heroes and villains across the multiverse into a strange alliance to stop the Doom’s Plot.

How to Sign Up for the Closed Alpha

Such a great idea and roster of Marvel icons, fans are dying to get their hands on Marvel Rivals. Good news is that developer NetEase is holding a closed alpha test on PC in May so a select few can brave the queue.

Here’s how you can sign up for a shot at joining the Marvel Rivals closed alpha:

  1. Go to the Marvel Rivals site and click “Sign Up For Playtest.”
  2. Take the short survey about your gaming habits, Marvel knowledge and PC specs.
  3. Check that your rig has the minimum specs needed.
  4. Click Next to confirm your subscription.
  5. In case chosen, you’ll get an invitation email with an access key.

Interestingly enough, joining the game’s official Discord server could also land you an alpha key.

An Exciting New Shooter on the Horizon


Gameplay: With art direction to die for, Marvel characters to die for and fresh new gameplay systems, Marvel Rivals could be one of the most anticipated new shooters around. Closed alpha testing next month gives you the chance to experience NetEase’s take on the hero shooter long before the full release.

With this much hype there will be no doubt some great competition for alpha keys. So sign up early for a chance to find out more about the Marvel multiverse collision early. Embrace your abilities, pick a side, and get ready for the ultimate fight between Marvel’s greatest heroes and most ruthless villains when Marvel Rivals goes alpha in May!