How To Change Your Valorant Name [Working Method 2024]

Are you bored with the current name of your Valorant account? Spice things up by changing your Valorant name... Owen | 11. February 2024

Are you bored with the current name of your Valorant account? Spice things up by changing your Valorant name for free!

How To Change Your Valorant Name [Step By Step Guide]

Players can change their Riot ID tag, in other words, their Valorant name, for absolutely no cost! If this is what you’re looking for, follow the steps below to change your Valorant display name:

Step 1: Go To Riot’s Official Website

The only way to change your name in Valorant is by using the official Riot Games website. Specifically, we are looking at their website’s “Account Management” section. You can open it by clicking this link.

Step 2: Log In To Your Valorant Account

When opening the website, Riot will ask you to sign in to your Valorant account. Simply enter your username and password like you’d always do. Don’t worry; this is the official Riot Games website, so there’s nothing to feel suspicious about. 

Step 3: Change Your Riot ID In The Account Management Section

You should be redirected to the “Account Management” website after you are logged in. Here, you will see a list of all your account’s personal information.

You should see your current Riot ID at the top of the page. All you need to do is enter your new Game Name, which will be displayed to everyone in your games, and your Tagline, which is used to distinguish yourself from others who have the same Game Name.

Step 4: Save Your Changes To Apply Your New Name

Riot will tell you if your new Riot ID is available and nobody else is using the exact same one. Once everything is set, click “Save Changes” to apply your new name.

If completed, your Riot ID will immediately change, and you can display your new name to everyone in your next game of Valorant.

How Often Can You Change Your Valorant Name?

A Riot ID can be changed every 90 days, so you’ll have to commit to your new name for around three months.

Back then, it used to be 30 days. However, most players were changing their names too frequently, so Riot tripled the cooldown to prevent people from abusing the name changes. 

Are There Any Rules When Changing Valorant Names?

Yes, Valorant has a few reasonable rules for people changing their names to ensure no explicit usernames are created. These rules stand to avoid potentially offensive or inappropriate names that could ruin the experience of other players in the match.

Riot officially released a rough list of what they consider inappropriate:

  • Names that suggest hate speech, slurs or profanity, either implicitly or explicitly.
  • Most names that invoke or refer to any historical, ethical, or political contexts.
  • Names containing insults, grotesque imagery, and strong vulgarity.

If a player is caught breaching the rules, Riot will have the right to force them to change their name. Further reports can lead to penalties to players’ accounts and get them banned from the game. Make sure you pick an appropriate name! It’s not that hard.