How FBI used Nintendo Switch data to find abducted girl

In a touching example of technology being used for good, Nintendo helped the FBI to find a 15-year-old girl... Shubh | 17. July 2023

In a touching example of technology being used for good, Nintendo helped the FBI to find a 15-year-old girl who had been taken from her home. 

According to court documents, the event started in January 2022 when the 14-year-old child first met 28-year-old Ethan Roberts on Omegle. After a few months of conversation, Roberts decided to visit the young girl in her hometown in Virginia, traveling 2,000 miles from his apartment in Tolleson, Arizona. After reaching Virginia, Roberts abducted the girl and hauled her back to Arizona.

According to the court documents, the young girl was allowed to take a few personal items with her, including her Nintendo Switch, before being taken to a place more than halfway across the country. While her family was in dire need of any information that could assist in bringing her home, no one had been able to locate her.

After a few days, she appeared online when she connected her Nintendo to the wifi to watch YouTube or download a game, alerting one of her friends who then reported it to the authorities. After the FBI became aware of the behavior, they contacted Nintendo immediately to request information regarding the missing girl’s account.

Such requests are frequently made to IT companies, which aren’t legally compelled to reply but frequently do so provided they are fully informed of the situation’s critical nature. Nintendo provided the detail of wifi network the Switch had been connected to. Using the details, the FBI was able to obtain an IP address and a physical address from internet service provider Cox Communications. The FBI ultimately found the kidnapper and the abducted teenager after eleven days of searching.

According to the victim, Roberts tried to get her to return to Omegle once she had arrived in Arizona so that she could meet others and sell them nude pictures. Roberts received a 30-year prison term in April after being found guilty of creating child pornography and abducting a kid with the intent to participate in illicit sex behavior.

The boy who informed the authorities about the girl’s position on Nintendo Switch Online received praise from the police and the public for his awareness. While many individuals have concerns about how data collection by tech firms would violate people’s privacy, this case demonstrates how data could also be used for good. The search could have lasted much longer if Nintendo hadn’t been monitoring her Switch’s wifi activities.

Header: John Keeble/Getty Images