| 17. December 2021

Oxygen Esports Acquires CoD League Spot

Oxygen Esports has merged with the Boston Uprising, with the North American organization having announced the deal on Thursday. The two parties will acquire the 12th Call of Duty League franchise spot as a result, which was vacant following the merger between OpTic Gaming and Envy Gaming earlier in the year.

While details surrounding what their team name will be and what branding will look like is unknown at this point, we do know that Oxygen Esports’ franchise will be based in Boston. Based on a press release, Oxygen Esports are also set to work alongside The Kraft Group, a company owned by the New England Patriots, who also own the Boston Uprising. The Kraft Group will help operate both their Overwatch League and Call of Duty League franchises.

What the Merger Means for Both Parties

Despite speculation suggesting otherwise, the Boston Uprising has made it clear that its roster and coaching staff will remain the same following the merger, something they let fans know via Twitter. The merger is certainly exciting news for fans of both parties, with $20 worth of investment having been promised.

Such funds will include popular NBA and NFL athletes, including ex-Boston Celtics player and general manager, Danny Ainge, and 4x Super Bowl winner, Rob Gronkowski. The investment was led by Banner Ventures. Speaking on the announcement, Murphy Vandervelde, CEO at Oxygen Esports, stated that:

“We are ecstatic to welcome the Kraft’s and all our new capital partners to the OXG family and believe that together we are positioned to dominate the New England gaming market. Combining the sports, live event and business acumen of these established partners, OXG’s notable esports operating experience, and multiple exclusive league operating agreements, we have overnight created a leader in the global esports industry.”

How Boston Uprising Will Now Operate

Oxygen Esports will also look to establish a headquarters in Patriot Place, Massachussets, where the Boston Uprising currently trains. The facility is located next to the Gillette Stadium, with fans having been told that weekly tournaments and events will take place here, with the goal being to make the roster more accessible.

The merger between Oxygen Esports and Boston Uprising is a major deal for the Esports scene, with the Call of Duty League having also finally nailed down its 12th member ahead of the 2022 season. We will wait and see as to what impact the merger will have on the Uprising’s performances next year, if any.