Here are all the winners of the 2023 Streamer Awards in each category

Twitch streamer QTCinderellas hosted the second Streamers Awards yesterday, honoring the best in the streaming industry with prestigious awards.... Shubh | 12. March 2023

Twitch streamer QTCinderellas hosted the second Streamers Awards yesterday, honoring the best in the streaming industry with prestigious awards.

A large number of streamers and internet personalities attended yesterday’s Streamer Awards, the highly successful annual awards ceremony started by Twitch streamer QTCinderella. The aim of the Streamer Awards is to honor and commend the talented streamers and content creators who stood out to the community as leaders in their specialized fields.

Although some content creators criticized last year’s streamer awards, QTCinderella decided to put together a good show this year, investing triple what she did last year. The 100 Thieves star Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter joined QT as a co-host this year to present awards for 26 categories, including best overall streamer, best VTuber, best event, and a rising star.

At the end of the ceremony, the winner of the night’s most prestigious award—Streamer of the Year—was revealed. Kai Cenat won the Streamer of the Year title after smashing subscriber records and becoming one of Twitch’s fastest-growing streamers. The 21-year-old personality was, unfortunately, unable to make it to the event, but his friend and fellow AMP-affiliated content creator, Agent 00, took the award and addressed the audience in place of the Cenat.

Popular content producers including Jeremy “Jerma985”, Felix “xQc,” and Hasan “HasanAbi” were also nominated in this category, but Cenat stood out as the undisputed favorite to take home the event’s most prestigious award. The popular streamer, who is affiliated with AMP dethroned xQc as the one with the most concurrent subscribers earlier in 2022 with 80K subscribers.

The 21-year-old US streamer also replaced Ludwig as the most subscribed channel on Twitch in September 2022, after a month-long push to gain subscribers. The American internet sensation currently has a total of 300,000 subscribers on the Amazon-owned streaming service.

Winners of the 2023 Streamer Awards in each category

  • Gamer of the Year – TenZ
  • Streamer of the Year – Kai Cenat
  • Best MMORPG Streamer – Asmongold
  • Best Content Organization – OfflineTV
  • Best VTuber – IronMouse
  • Best Souls-like Streamer- MissMikkaa
  • Best Art Streamer – Meat Canyon
  • Best Strategy Game Streamer – BoxBox
  • Best Streamed Event – Mogul Chessboxing Championship
  • Best Philanthropic Stream Event – 500 Mile Cyclethon
  • Best Music Streamer – TPain
  • Best Roleplay Streamer – Fanum
  • Best VALORANT Streamer – Kyedae
  • Best Minecraft Streamer – Quackity
  • Best FPS Streamer – Aceu
  • Best Just Chatting Streamer – Hasanabi
  • Best Variety Streamer – xQc
  • Stream Game of the Year – Elden Ring
  • Best Chess Streamer – GothamChess
  • Best League of Legends Streamer – LolTyler1
  • League of Their Own Award – DougDoug
  • Best Speedrun Streamer  – PointCrow
  • Hidden Gem Award – KingSammelot
  • Best IRL Streamer – JakenbakeLive
  • Rising Star Award – Frogan 
  • Best Battle Royale Streamer – IitTzTimmy

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