100 Thieves qualified for Apex Sweden LAN

The 100 Thieves secured their spot for Apex LAN Sweden with a dominant performance at the ALGS Playoff LAN... | 28. March 2022

The 100 Thieves secured their spot for Apex LAN Sweden with a dominant performance at the ALGS Playoff LAN in Sweden on Match Day 5. The team consisting of Scuwry, Vaxlon and Onmuu already had a good run but this win only solidified their reputation. Today, Monday March 28, the top 10 teams will qualify for the event on LAN.

100 Thieves with Vaxlon in top form

100 Thieves won against Team Furia, who stood up to them fiercely. They managed to score a total of 29 points, outscoring their opponents. In Game 2, the 100 Thieves managed a whopping 17 kills – quite an achievement. That’s more than a third of all opposing players. Onmuu and his colleagues did not disappoint, delivering one of the best Apex matches seen in a long time, and team after team fell victim to him.

The 100 Thieves did not have a good result in the Split 1 playoff. They finished the playoffs in last place, which had direct consequences for the team. After the slump, there were changes in the lineup for the first time. Vaxlon, who previously played for the Renegades, was signed by the 100 Thieves. Apparently, his inclusion had a good impact on the other players, because since he’s been in the lineup, the team has shown top form.

The success is largely due to Vaxlon. Since he’s been in the lineup, the 100 Thieves have been playing a lot better and, most importantly, more consistently. With Vaxlon, the other two players have a much calmer style of play and it will definitely benefit them in the next big event.

Battles for the playoff spots

Today is the final game day for North America, and no wonder every team is fighting hard for those spots.

Here are the top 10:

  • Esports Arena – 105
  • G2 – 104
  • 100 Thieves – 101
  • NRG – 98
  • TSM – 85
  • Cloud9 – 85
  • Spacestation Gaming – 83
  • Team Liquid – 67
  • Complexity – 66
  • CLG – 66

At the moment all teams from Esports Arena to Spacestation Gaming have qualified for the playoff LAN. The three teams below them now have to give it their all to have a chance at the top 10.

Who could still make it into the top 10?

But also other teams still have a real chance to get into the Top 10. The list starting with CLG continues with Sentinels (63), Torrent (60), RCO eSports (60), SCRY (60), Dubblyew (58) and XSET (53). Three of these teams still have a good chance to snag a spot at the LAN. Many fans believe Complexity will definitely be there. The Sentinels, on the other hand, don’t look so good, as they have struggled in the league.