G2 criticized: was jks first ghosted and then benched?

In the world of professional esports, the management of G2 Esports is causing a stir after reports that player... Fragster | 28. November 2023

In the world of professional esports, the management of G2 Esports is causing a stir after reports that player Justin “jks” Savage was first ignored and ghosted by the organization for weeks, then suddenly banished to the bench.

G2 Esports is under fire for apparently ignoring their player Jks for several weeks prior to his unexpected suspension. This unprofessional behavior has led many fans to view the management in a negative light. The approach by G2 has been met with much criticism in the community and has led to a lot of discussions about the treatment of the player. It is still unclear, why G2 treated him the way they did.

Lots of chaos at G2 in the last weeks

While the CS player-transfer-mania and contract negotiations were in full swing in November, the organization G2 Esports was suddenly in the spotlight because some of their best players, including their star Nikola “NiKo” Kovač, apparently received offers from other organizations (there were a ton of rumours about the Falcons trying to build a superteam in CS) and were also considering a move. During this period, rumors surfaced that jks would be replaced by the return of former IGL Nemanja “nexa” Isaković, sparking further rumors.

G2 Esports’ management allegedly ignored jks

On the Talking Counter podcast, SPUNJ was critical of G2 Esports’ treatment of jks. It was brought up that G2’s management had ignored the player and stopped communicating with him after rumors and initial leaks that jks was going to be benched. For a whole two weeks, the player did not hear a word from the organization, which kept him in the dark. The official announcement that jks would be benched didn’t come until nexa was signed, meaning jks may have lost valuable time to look for new opportunities and teams. SPUNJ pointed out in the podcast that even after IEM Sydney there was little or poor communication. It was reported that jks was simply ignored when he tried to organize his return to Europe for training. He received no response to his inquiries from management and was ignored for weeks.

Jks has yet to publicly comment on his suspension by G2 Esports, how he perceives the situation and whether he felt mistreated by G2 management.

At the moment there is no information about jk’s future and it is not clear where he will play next. G2 Esports, meanwhile, is preparing for the CCT Online Finals #5 with their updated roster.