Fans are concerned about NRG’s departure from Apex Legends competitive scene

NRG’s recent departure from the Apex Legends competitive scene has generated a lot of controversy and concern in the... Eduardo | 17. September 2023

NRG’s recent departure from the Apex Legends competitive scene has generated a lot of controversy and concern in the community, as fewer top-tier organizations remain in the game.

As a result, fans and members of the Apex community are asking EA and the ALGS to support the organizations, as that is the only way for the competitive scene to stay alive. Moreover, NRG is not the first big organization to leave Apex; a few months ago, we saw how G2 Esports, Cloud9, and Team Liquid also left the scene for “lack of support” from developers and tournament organizers.

A complicated 2023 for the ALGS

Undoubtedly, 2023 has been a complicated season for the ALGS. While it is true that the level of play and the teams’ performance remains high, several organizations left this esports, which has endangered the continuity of the scene.

Moreover, as we mentioned, NRG is not the first top-tier organization to withdraw from the Apex competitive scene. Still, there is no doubt that it has been the most “transparent” when explaining the reasons for its decision. In an official statement, NRG said that EA’s lack of support is why they leave the scene.

Undoubtedly, this has caused a lot of concern among all the community members who are passionate about the game. Moreover, many of them hope that EA will offer or change their perspective from now on and offer appetizing incentives for organizations to come back or, in any case, not leave the scene.

Now that NRG is gone from apex i hope EA open their eyes and do something about it
byu/fimosecritica inapexlegends

Apex Legends resists

There is no doubt that Battle Royale games have declined in popularity recently, and, above all, the competitive gaming scene has suffered. For example, we see how Fortnite esports are in a really bad moment.

However, Apex Legends has managed to resist this wave for now. Also, the added ingredient of game mechanics, characters, and different weapons has kept players somewhat more hooked.

However, the lack of support currently in the Apex Legends competitive scene has directly affected organizations, according to NRG’s statement.

In the post on Reddit, we saw above, we see how this community member makes mention of EA not offering a Skin Bundle for organizations. As a result, he considers it a “cry of mismanagement and greed” on the part of the game developers.

EA is to blame for the decline of the Apex scene?

Now, in the responses to the post on Reddit, we note how many members of the Apex Legends community mention that we are facing the “end of an era.”. In addition, others blamed EA directly for the “decline” that may be near the Apex competitive scene.

In conclusion, many fans believe that the ALGS is lagging a step behind the various esports that continue to grow. Finally, many professional players criticize the game’s last seasons, especially in esports. As a result, we must wait to see what the impact of all this will be in the long term and, above all if EA tries to do something to regain popularity.

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