Dingo, the new weapon of Call of Duty Mobile

Season 1 of 2023 became available on all Duty Mobile on January 19 at around 5:30 IST. In addition... Maria | 21. January 2023

Season 1 of 2023 became available on all Duty Mobile on January 19 at around 5:30 IST. In addition to the Lunar New Year-themed Battle Pass, new operator skins, weapon blueprints, calling cards, and other unique items are included. It offers both premium and free items.

Reawakening, the new season, includes the Dingo light machine gun, which debuted in Call of Duty: Black Ops III. With the addition of the light machine gun, the Dingo becomes the 100th weapon in COD Mobile.

It is available through the Battle Pass and provides players with many advantages thanks to its fast rate of fire, smooth recoil, and large magazine capacity.

How to unlock Dingo LMG in COD Mobile

You will be able to get Dingo by leveling up in the Awakening Battle Pass to level 21 by completing in-game missions while playing COD Mobile.

The new Battle Pass pack, which costs 220 and 520 CP, can also unlock the machine gun. In addition, the LMG weapon includes epic characters, new avatars, various weapon skins, mounts, and other stuff.

Dingo Features

  • The gun fires at a velocity of 83 m/s, and each bullet travels at 800 m/s.
  • Its loading time is 370 ms, and its reloading time is 1.80 s.
  • You can expand the magazine capacity by adding accessories such as Large Extended Mag, Steel Rain, and Black Ops Mag.

Dingo Statistics

  • Damage: 28/24/19
  • Accuracy: 58
  • Mobility: 55
  • Range: 55
  • Fire Interval: 83 m/s
  • Bullet Speeds: 800 m/s
  • Movement Speed: 4.37 m/s
  • Sprint Speed: 5.68 m/s
  • Aiming Movement Speed: 2.4 m/s
  • Sprint-to-Fire Time: 0.18s
  • Mag Capacity: 80
  • Reload Time: 1.80s
  • Empty Reload Time: 2.64s
  • Hit Flinch: 0.8
  • Aming Time: 370ms
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Credits: HawksNest | YouTube

You can increase its stats by using the right combination of accessories on a gun. By attaching the steel rain magazine to the Dingo, you can expand its capacity from 80 to 120 bullets. While the steel rain barrel increases damage, the steel rain grip improves horizontal and vertical recoil.

The sizeable extended magazine will increase the Dingo’s magazine capacity by 20 rounds, while the proper reloading attachment will reduce it by half.

Suggested loading by developers

Steel Rain:

  • Barrel (Barrel)
  • Mag (Ammunition)
  • Foregrip (Underbarrel)
  • Quickdraw (Rear Grip)
  • Stock (Stock)

This is not the first time a weapon from the traditional COD game is in the Mobile version; several weapons have appeared before, such as the ASM10 and the M16.

Additional information about the COD Mobile Reawakening Battle Pass

Free levels include:

  • Dingo Light Machine Gun
  • The Stimulating Shot
  • Wide variety of camouflage
  • Weapon Plans
  • AS VAL (Mighty Steeds)

The premium level includes the following:

The skins:

  • LCassius – Fate’s Champion
  • Rampage – Venomous
  • Baker – Breaker
  • Bathysphere – Hog Heaven.

Weapons plans

  • Rooster Dawn
  • LK24 – Amethyst Serpent
  • MX9 – Golden Stripes
  • HS2126 – Pig Dynasty
  • Dingo – Monkey King’s Legacy

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