Bunnyhoppor retires from Hearthstone competitive scene

Whether traditional or esports, no retirement in sports is pleasant for teams, fans, and players. But, the retirement of... Eduardo | 26. April 2023

Whether traditional or esports, no retirement in sports is pleasant for teams, fans, and players. But, the retirement of one of the best players in any esports, in this case, Hearthstone, hurts the community a lot. Of course, we are talking about the German Raphael “BunnyHoppor” Peltzer, who announced his retirement from the Hearthstone competitive scene.

While it is true that last weekend many of the best Hearthstone players in the world made the fans enjoy the Spring Championship, Bunnyhoppor’s absence was news, surprising many.

Bunnyhoppor announces his retirement from the competitive Hearthstone scene

After many years of being one of the best Hearthstone players, Bunnyhoppor announced that he is retiring from the competitive scene to focus on his family. The announcement was made through a TwitLonger, where the now-former 2022 World Champion explained why he made the decision.

Throughout the last few months, Bunnyhoppor has been living a real rollercoaster regarding his emotions. First, it all started when Team Liquid announced they would cut the player’s contract in the competitive scene. Then, a few days later, he knew the great news that he would be a father. Finally, in January 2023, changes were announced in the Hearthstone competitive scene, which was not to the player’s liking.

Bunnyhoppor said on the TwitLonger that when he saw all the changes in the competitive scene for 2023 all at once, he thought it would not be worth trying. He further details that, with this new system, players must devote virtually the entire day to the game and throughout the year to qualify for the World Cups. Furthermore, Bunnyhoppor said that at this time in his life, he wants to spend time with his wife and later with his son, who is on the way.

However, this does not mean that he will give up the game as such. On the contrary, as he announced on the TwitLonger, he plans to continue making broadcasts to enjoy with his followers and share different “kind of crazy” decks.

Bunnyhoppor – One of the best players in the game’s history

There is no doubt that Bunnyhoppor’s World Champion title in December 2022 was more than deserved. For virtually his entire career, he was considered one of the best players in Hearthstone.

Since 2016, Bunnyhoppor has taken it upon himself to dominate every tournament he participated in. The player won several tournaments, while in others, he always finished within the TOP 4.

However, in 2018 he failed to win the World Cup, so many in the community began to think that the player’s level would decline. But, in 2022, he qualified for the World Cup again, if that wasn’t enough to win it.

Bunnyhoppor’s excitement at being world champion said it all, and in tears, the player said he never thought it would happen.

Undoubtedly, he is not completely retiring from the game, which is a great victory for the player and all the fans that daily supported him in his long and successful career.

From Fragster, we can only thank Bunnyhoppor for everything he has given to the Hearthstone competitive scene. In addition, we wish the player the best of success in his new stage as a father and in all his future projects.

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