Avoid These 10 Wave Control Mistakes in LoL Season 14

Wave control is a vital skill in League of Legends that can significantly impact your game. Avoiding common wave... Aleksandar | 23. April 2024

Wave control is a vital skill in League of Legends that can significantly impact your game. Avoiding common wave control mistakes in LoL not only keeps your lane secure but can also shape the outcome of the entire match.

In this article, we’ll explore the top 10 errors players often make with wave management and how to avoid these mistakes.

By mastering these aspects, you’ll keep your lane safe and give yourself a better shot at winning. Ready to level up your game? Let’s get started and see how you can become a smarter player this season.

Why Is Wave Control Important?

Wave control in League of Legends is about managing groups of minions to your advantage. It’s like being the boss of where and when battles happen in your lane. If you handle these minion waves smartly, you can win small fights more easily, which gives you a big edge in the game.

Why does this matter so much? Proper wave control lets you decide when to fight and when to lay low, pushing your enemies into tough spots without good backup.

It means you can safely attack their towers or make it hard for them to reach their own minions without getting hit. Essentially, managing your minion waves well puts pressure where it helps you most – either by making it easier for you to attack or harder for your enemy to defend.

Avoiding common wave control mistakes in LoL not only helps keep your lane safe but also sets you up to positively impact the entire game map.

Top 10 Wave Control Mistakes in LoL Season 14

Wave control mistakes in LoL can seriously affect your gameplay in matches. Understanding and avoiding these top 10 mistakes in Season 14 will not only help you master your lane but also enhance your overall strategic impact on the game.

Mistake #1: Using Abilities Too Early

Minion Wave in LoL

Starting strong in League of Legends isn’t just about aggressive fighting; it involves wisely managing your minion waves. Using your abilities too early on minion waves can jeopardize your early game setup, putting you at a disadvantage.

Effective wave control is key – it requires more than just eliminating minions quickly. It involves the strategic use of your abilities to manipulate the minion waves, maintaining pressure on your opponent and securing dominance in your lane.

This approach forces the enemy to react to your strategies, rather than you having to adjust to theirs.

If you misuse your abilities early, you may find yourself struggling to gain and maintain control.

Remember, excelling in LoL starts with understanding the basics, and proper wave management is a fundamental skill that too many players overlook.

Mistake #2: Misjudging the Cheater Recall

A common pitfall in League of Legends is messing up the cheater recall. This tactic lets you shop without losing much in the lane, but timing is everything.

If you recall, at the wrong moment, it can backfire big time. The key is to manage your minion waves so that they’re in a safe spot before you head back to base.

This means making sure your wave is pushed far enough that it won’t crash into your tower and give free gold and experience to your opponent while you’re gone. But, if you push too hard or too fast, you might set yourself up for trouble when you return.

It’s a delicate balance, and getting it wrong is one of those wave control mistakes in LoL that can cost you dearly. Be sharp, and time it right.

Mistake #3: Cheater Recalling on Second Wave

One significant error players make in League of Legends is “cheater recalling” during the second wave. This tactic, where you attempt to quickly recall to base for an early item advantage, often backfires.

Ideally, cheater recalling allows you to return to the lane without losing much. However, if done prematurely or without proper wave control, you risk leaving your minions vulnerable, giving your opponent free reign to push the wave to your turret.

This not only leads to a loss in minion experience and gold but also exposes your turret to early damage. To avoid this, ensure that your wave is in a safe position before attempting such a recall, or better yet, wait until securing a more substantial wave advantage.

This strategic patience will help maintain your lane’s pressure without giving up crucial early-game benefits.

Mistake #4: Mismanaging Freezes

Freezing the wave in League of Legends means keeping the fight exactly where you want it, but getting it wrong could set you up for trouble.

One common mistake is freezing the wave too long. This might sound like a safe play, but if you do it when you shouldn’t, you miss out on chances to help your team elsewhere.

Also, freezing at the wrong time – like when your team needs pressure on the map – can let the enemy team grab objectives without a fight. To freeze effectively, you need to know when to start and when to stop.

Mistake #5: Failing to Adapt to Mid-game Shifts

Split pushing in league of legends

As a League of Legends match moves from the early to the mid-game, the game itself changes a lot. Sticking to early-game strategies can be a big mistake.

Early on, you might focus on managing minion waves in your lane to build an advantage. But as the game progresses, the focus shifts more towards team fights and securing objectives such as Dragons and turrets.

If you don’t adjust your wave control tactics, you might find yourself out of position when important battles come up, giving the enemy team a chance to swoop in and take the lead.

It’s crucial to read the game’s pace and switch up your approach. Adaptability can turn a struggling match into a win. Remember, what works at 10 minutes might not work at 20.

Mistake #6: Poor Execution of Slow Pushes

Setting up a slow push looks easy but can trip you up if you get the timing or the enemy’s abilities wrong. Slow pushing means letting your minion wave build up so it becomes a massive force that the enemy has to deal with.

But if you don’t time it right, or if the opposing player has strong wave-clearing skills, your slow push could fizzle out fast. They could easily wipe out your minions, wasting all that effort.

Plus, if you start a slow push when there’s a big team fight brewing elsewhere, you could miss out on helping your team when they need you the most.

Mistake #7: Ignoring Enemy Wave-Clearing Capabilities

When planning how to handle your minion waves, it is crucial not to overlook how quickly your opponent can clear them out. Imagine setting up a perfect push only to see it vanish in a blink because the enemy champion just wipes out minions like they are nothing.

It is like preparing a big surprise and then watching it flop because you did not account for their strengths. Each champion has different abilities to deal with waves, and some can turn your strategies upside down if you are not careful.

This oversight can lead to wasted efforts and lost opportunities to pressure your enemy. Always match your wave tactics with an eye on what the enemy can do.

Mistake #8: Inappropriate Roaming Timings

pushing the lane to secure dragon in lol

Roaming at the wrong time can turn a good game bad quickly. Let’s say you decide to help another lane or snag a quick objective. If you leave your lane at the wrong moment, it can cost you a lot.

You might miss out on a bunch of minions or, worse, lose your tower. When you roam, make sure your lane is secure. Push your minions up so they’re busy with your enemy’s tower, not marching down to yours.

This way, you won’t lose out on gold and experience, and you won’t give free rein to your opponent.

Mistake #9: Misreading Opponent Moves

Not paying attention to what your opponent is up to can really set you back. If you miss the signs of their next move, you might find yourself outplayed.

For instance, if they’re setting up their minions for a big push and you’re not ready, they can quickly take control. Or if they seem to be backing off, they might be baiting you into a trap.

Watching and understanding their strategy helps you stay one step ahead. Don’t get caught off guard. Recognizing these signs is key to avoiding wave control mistakes in LoL and keeping the upper hand.

Mistake #10: Not Letting Outer Towers Fall

A common wave control mistake in League of Legends is the hesitation to let outer towers fall when it’s strategically advantageous.

While it might feel unexpected, allowing these towers to fall can offer significant benefits. As the game progresses, it’s normal and sometimes necessary to sacrifice outer towers.

Holding on to these towers too long can lead to repeated deaths or the wasteful use of resources in defence efforts. When an outer tower is consistently under threat, evaluate if your efforts could be better spent elsewhere on the map.

Letting a vulnerable tower fall makes it take longer for the enemy to push into your lane, allowing you to focus on farming safely, setting up vision, and supporting other lanes.

This strategic retreat effectively manipulates minion waves and prepares your team for bigger objectives. It’s important to recognize when an outer tower becomes a liability rather than an asset.

By allowing these towers to fall at the right moment, you can maintain better control over the game’s pace and secure advantages elsewhere.

Closing Thoughts

In League of Legends, improving your ability to control minion waves can give you a significant advantage. By avoiding common mistakes with wave control, you can improve your gameplay. 

It’s crucial to remember that every game offers an opportunity to apply what you’ve learned about managing minion waves.

Whether it involves knowing when to avoid pushing too far or letting go of an outer tower, every decision counts. Consistent practice and patience are essential to playing more intelligently and confidently.