Apex Legends ALGS Year 4: what’s new and what to expect

ALGS Year 4 has taken the world of Apex Legends esports by storm, ushering in game-changing alterations, from three... Shubh | 7. October 2023

ALGS Year 4 has taken the world of Apex Legends esports by storm, ushering in game-changing alterations, from three colossal LAN events to new global challengers.

Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts have set the stage for another electrifying season of the Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS). The fourth year brings with it a whirlwind of changes that are poised to redefine the competitive realm of Apex Legends. Let’s delve into the pivotal moments of ALGS Year 4.

Three thrilling LAN spectacles:

Among the most eagerly awaited features of ALGS Year 4 is the revival of the in-person LAN tournaments. This season boasts three monumental LAN events strategically spaced throughout the competitive calendar:

  1. Split 1 Playoffs (Offering a hefty $1 Million USD prize pool)
  2. Split 2 Playoffs (With another $1 Million USD prize pool)
  3. Year-end Championship (Dishing out an impressive $2 Million USD prize pool)

This monumental total prize pool of $4,000,000 USD, divided among these three extravaganzas, is sure to elevate the stakes and keep fans riveted. While the precise dates and locations of these events remain a mystery, they are bound to be iconic showdowns.

China enters the arena

ALGS Year 4 serves as a historic moment as teams from the People’s Republic of China make their inaugural appearance in the competition. The festivities kick off with invitations for two Chinese teams to partake in the Split 1 Playoffs. Depending on their performance, an intriguing prospect unfolds where between two and four teams from China could secure invitations to the Split 2 Playoffs.

The Chinese team that accumulates the highest Playoff Points across both Playoffs secures a coveted spot in the Year-end Championship. Adding a layer of suspense, any other Chinese teams ranking in the Top 32 of the Playoff Points Leaderboard will also be welcomed to the Championship, offering a platform for the burgeoning Chinese Apex Legends talent to shine on the global stage.

Farewell to the South American Pro League

A notable seismic shift in ALGS Year 4 is the departure of the South American Pro League (SA Pro League). Nevertheless, South America still retains the opportunity to grace all ALGS LAN events. Both professional and amateur teams will vie for supremacy in the South America Challenger Circuit.

Following the culmination of each Challenger Circuit split, the top 20 teams will engage in a fierce battle during the SA Regional Finals. Here, a minimum of the top two teams will clinch their rightful positions in the Playoffs. A further element of intrigue lies in the distribution of $62,500 USD ($31,250 per split) in prizing during the SA Regional Finals.

Additionally, the SA team amassing the most Playoff Points after Split 2 Playoffs will ascend to the Year-end Championship. This decision, though not without its challenges, is underpinned by the aspiration to augment the competitive ecosystem in South America and ensure the region’s representation on the global stage.

ALGS Year 4’s melting pot of regions

ALGS Year 4 continues to celebrate the diverse tapestry of Apex Legends esports, featuring teams from six different regions, including:

  1. North America
  2. Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA)
  3. Asia Pacific (APAC) North
  4. Asia Pacific (APAC) South
  5. South America
  6. China

Each region’s allotment of slots for the Split 1 Playoffs is subject to the region’s performance and participation. This framework ensures that ALGS Year 4 remains a crucible of diversity, providing opportunities for talent to flourish across the globe.

Key dates to mark

  • ALGS Pre-Season Qualifiers: Late November through December 2023
  • ALGS Pro League: January 20-21, 2024
  • Challenger Circuit Split 1: Commencing on February 3, 2024

More dates, including those for the LAN events, will be unveiled as the season unfolds.

ALGS eligibility simplified

In a move designed to enhance accessibility, the eligibility criterion for ALGS has been streamlined. Instead of the Silver 4 rank requirement, players need an account level of 50 or higher to partake in ALGS events. This alteration opens the door for competitors of diverse skill levels to engage in ALGS.

A New Chapter in Substitute Rules

ALGS Year 4 introduces a notable change regarding substitute players. Pro League players are now granted the liberty to engage in the Challenger Circuit as long as they did not participate in their Pro League team’s most recent series. This rule modification empowers Pro League substitutes to maintain their competitive edge in the Challenger Circuit and provides Pro League teams with the flexibility to field top-tier substitutes.

ALGS Year 4 promises a captivating odyssey for Apex Legends aficionados. With a staggering total prize pool of $5 million, the inclusion of new regions, and a welcoming approach to players of varying skill levels, the stage is set for another enthralling season of Apex Legends esports. The preparations are underway, so mark your calendars and brace yourselves for a season filled with riveting action in the world of Apex Legends esports. For detailed information, consult EA’s official blog post on the 2024 competitive year for Apex Legends Esports.

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