All about the FIFA 23 Future Stars Challenge 7 SBC

In FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, the Future Stars 7 SBC Challenge is now available as part of the seventh... Maria | 13. February 2023

In FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, the Future Stars 7 SBC Challenge is now available as part of the seventh recurring daily challenge. Players who complete this challenge can get a lovely pack and a Future Stars token. In addition, all FUT fans can take their time and have a whole week to finish the unique task.

The resource item SBC is quite simple and relatively cost-effective, just like other previous challenges of a similar nature. However, while the more difficult squad-building challenges usually result in greater rewards, this is no easy task either. Nevertheless, players will likely walk away with one of the most distinctive boosted cards on sale and one of the TOTW cards of the week, with the Stars of the Future promotion still in full swing.

Read on for all the details on the Future Stars 7 SBC Challenge.

All about the FIFA 23 Future Stars Challenge 7 SBC

The ongoing promotion is causing quite a stir in the FUT arena. Many people are vying for the cards that mostly honor young players with the potential to become field giants. Therefore, to increase their chances of getting one of them, FIFA 23 players should try to unlock as many packs as possible throughout the promotion.

Even beginners with limited FUT coin resources can take on the Future Stars Challenge 7 SBC because it is relatively simple. However, it is essential to remember all the requirements when putting together the squad to redeem the double rewards.

Template requirements

  • Number of players in the squad: 11
  • First-owned players in the squad: Minimum of 1
  • Clubs represented in the squad: Minimum of 4
  • Rare cards in the squad: Minimum of 1
  • Player quality of the squad: Silver or above
  • Chemistry points required: Minimum of 13

Cost of Future Stars Challenge 7 SBC

The approximate cost on all platforms is 5,000 – 6,000 FUT coins.

Future Stars Challenge 7 SBC Rewards

  • Future Stars Swaps Token Street is not interchangeable
  • A mixed-player pack

Evaluation of SBC

Casual players unfamiliar with squad-building challenges may find the list of conditions very frustrating. But for regular FUT players, you will notice that there is no minimum squad rating, little chemistry, and no club criteria, making it simple to complete the challenge.

For those who don’t know, the first-owned player criteria are one of the few explanations for why the challenge is so inexpensive since the rules require FIFA 23 players to use fodder cards that can only be acquired through packs rather than purchased on the open market. Because of this, regular players do not need to use any FUT currency to complete the SBC.

The Squad Creation Challenge will cost less if you use pre-existing fodder, which increases the prize’s value. However, most players will find it worthwhile to finish it, as they will also receive Future Stars token exchanges in addition to the mixed player pack, which includes a dozen cards of varying rarity and rating.

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