Zven leaves Cloud9 and is a Free Agent

While it is true that we are not yet in the offseason of the League of Legends competitive scene,... Eduardo | 3. November 2023

While it is true that we are not yet in the offseason of the League of Legends competitive scene, we have several confirmed movements in some of the most important teams in the world. We are talking about Cloud9, specifically Jesper “Zven” Svenningsen, who announced his departure from the team after 4 years in the organization.

Similarly, this is not all the news because, besides becoming a free agent for next season, the player wants to make a role change from Suppor to Bot Lane. This is a big jump for this player who wants to have a little more prominence in his next team.

Zven announces his departure from Cloud9

Through a post on his Twitter/X account, Zven announced that, after 4 years in the organization, he decided to leave Cloud9 and become a Free Agent heading into 2024. Also, as we mentioned, Zven is looking for opportunities with a different role than the one we have known him in recent years, as a bot lane.

Similarly, it is also fair to mention that the role of bot lane is not strange to Zven since he always played this role in his beginnings in the competitive scene. We can even say that he was, for many years, one of the best bot lanes in the region. However, in mid-2022, when he returned to the C9 team, he did so as Support.

Similarly, it should be noted that Zven showed great quality as a Support during 2023, with impressive stats.

Good 2023 for Cloud9 and Zven

Undoubtedly, 2023 was a good year for both Cloud9 and Zven, as together, they won the Spring Split and lost the Summer Split final to NRG. Thanks to that, the team secured their spot for Worlds 2023, where their run ended after losing to Fnatic in Round 4 of the Swiss Stage.

As a result, the team is now in the middle of rebuilding, as they want to build a solid squad for 2024.

Finally, Zven’s future in the league is uncertain, as no rumors or possible signings have come out for 2024. However, any LCS team would like a winning, experienced, and talented player, especially if they want to rebuild a squad from scratch.

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