XP League opens franchise in Central Florida

XP League, a North American college eSports organization, has declared its debut in Central Florida. As a result, in... Maria | 19. January 2023

XP League, a North American college eSports organization, has declared its debut in Central Florida.

As a result, in addition to its new Greater Orlando BOOM franchise, XP League has started a separate business called the Greater Orlando XP League.

About XP League

XP League is the first competitive video game league run by Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) coaches in North America for elementary, middle, and high school players.

Through weekly coach-led training and matches, XP League offers school-aged children the experience of professional-style gaming.

It offers competitive esports teams for all children between the ages of 8 and 17. It also allows them to participate in regional qualifiers and North American finals.

XP League also provides players with professional-level training while developing lasting life skills.

XP League organizes various competitions for games such as Rocket League, Minecraft, and Fortnite. The competitions are usually eight-week programs under the direction of coaches. In addition, the organization promotes good sportsmanship and social skills.

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Greater Orlando XP League

Sari Kitelyn, a seasoned professional and Florida native who spent 16 years working at Full Sail University in entertainment, will be the owner of the XP League of Greater Orlando. Kitelyn served on the board of directors for the National Collegiate Sports Association and founded Esports & Coffee, a community supporting underrepresented esports voices.

The division’s co-owner is Jacob Kaplan, a member of Full Sail University. His expertise will help enhance the XP League in the southern state by building brands for regional businesses and cultivating contacts with esports organizations.

Greater Orlando BOOM will be responsible for recruiting players in preparation for its inaugural competitive season, which will begin in May. The franchise will initially operate as a mobile business while the company pursues options for a physical location.

Nacip “Phoenix” Fayad Martinez, a Full Sail University alumnus, has been named League Commissioner for Greater Orlando BOOM. Fayad Martinez, a former professional soccer player, will bring his leadership skills and playing experience.

The scholastic esports sector

In recent years the school esports market has been on the rise. XP League competitor Vanta esports has emerged from an oversubscribed seed funding round. As a result, Vanta is raising $107 million for an esports program focused on secondary education.

In a press release Kitelyn, stated.

“I’ve spent the last decade working alongside community leaders in Central Florida to help establish Orlando as an epicenter for the growing esports industry.”

“XP League provides that key opportunity to prepare Central Florida’s youth for the world of competitive gaming. As the mom of a nine-year-old gamer, I see first-hand the value that organized competition can provide.”

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