Upcoming Faerie Queen Karma to be the 1,500th skin in League

League of Legends developers frequently add skins to keep the game fresh. Thanks to the Faerie Queen Karma skin,... Maria | 25. March 2023

League of Legends developers frequently add skins to keep the game fresh. Thanks to the Faerie Queen Karma skin, the game will reach the amount of 1,500 skins available. This marks an impressive record for the game.

Many skins are available in LoL, and it is not for nothing; as mentioned, the developers add them frequently. Moreover, if we consider that the title was released in 2009 and new cosmetics are revealed every few weeks, this incredible number will arrive at any moment.

However, after many years, the 1,500th skin has arrived, a historic number for Riot Games.

The 1,500th LoL skin

The team of League of Legends developers on its Twitter account has announced which will be LoL skin that will occupy this number. We are talking about Faerie Queen Karma, which comes to the game in patch 13.7.

Some of the LoL champions have a lot of cosmetics; among those are:

  • Miss Fortune
  • Ezreal
  • Lux

However, the one chosen to reach number 1,500 is Karma.

LoL breaks record thanks to Karma’s latest skin

Karma is undoubtedly one of the leaders in the group of champions with many skins. Therefore, we say the new skin would be the thirteenth without counting the basic one. It is an understandable number if we consider that its release was almost 12 years ago.

On the other hand, something that Riot Games has made clear is that it has no plans to stop developing cosmetics for LoL; this is due to the great popularity of some of the skins.

Also, if we consider that LoL monetization depends largely on these skins, it makes sense that the studio prioritizes the most beloved characters. This is one of the developers’ strategies to monetize their work.

LoL players who want these skins must spend Riot Points obtained with real money. However, there are methods to get the skins for a much lower price.

The Riot team has devised a strategy so all game fans can get their favorite skins without investing a fortune. To save some money, you should use the “Your store” tool, where players can get some discounts for the skins.

It is important to note that discounts are not always available, so we recommend that you check your store frequently until you get a great offer.

On the other hand, another way to get skins without investing real money is through Amazon Prime Gaming or the loot boxes players get while playing.

To sum up, Riot Games sets a record with the arrival of the 1,500th Faerie Queen Karma skin in patch 13.7, which will be available on April 5.

Header: Riot Games