The Top 4 Winter 2022 Sale on Steam for under $30

The winter sales of 2022 have just started on Steam, which leaves us with many discounts on all kinds... Eduardo | 26. December 2022

The winter sales of 2022 have just started on Steam, which leaves us with many discounts on all kinds of video games. For all those who want to increase their collection with the best offers.

The new offers batch will remain active until next January 5, 2023. In our case, we bring a selection of offers you cannot miss.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – GOTY Edition

Price: $29.99

The original price of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is $59.99, a fair value for its quality. The game was released in 2019 and has won several awards, including the coveted GOTY title. But, again, this is thanks to the quality of the game.

While FromSoftware is recognized by many due to the success of Elden Ring, it harkens back to the world of the older Dark Souls titles.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is a difficult title to master. Players embody lone wolf who has lost their prestigious positions in society. They must face different enemies, among them the Ashina clan, who want to take over the descendants that players must protect.

The GOTY edition includes additional content, which FromSoftware released after the game’s launch. This contains cosmetics and a new boss challenge mode, which offers even more shelf life to anyone who gets their hands on the game.

The King of Fighters XV

Price: 29.99$

The King of Fighters XV is one of the most recent additions to the fighting game genre. Thanks to the winter sale, buyers can purchase the game at a 50% discount off the basic version of the game.

The game was released in February 2022, the latest addition to a series that dates back to 1994. Since then, SNK Corporation has released several games, making the franchise renowned in the video game world.

This new installment features a revamped storyline and an attractive cast of characters. Players have a choice of 39 playable characters.

The exciting storyline continues from the previous game and reaches a vital stage. Apart from the story mode, players can also play together or against each other in competitive PvP.

The Deluxe Edition includes a 50% discount on all DLC released during winter sales.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human

Price: 29.99$

Techland has taken things to a higher level with Dying Light 2 this 2022. This title is a sequel to the first one and offers many more things than the previous one. Although the main mechanics of the first title has been maintained, it has many new features to keep players interested.

The story is set 20 years in the future; players must defend themselves from enemies who want to destroy the last bastion of humanity. As usual, the presence of zombies complicates things. However, as players advance and make their way through the city, things will become more complicated.

Throughout the game, players will enjoy plenty of action. With a 50% discount, it is the best time to get your hands on the game. Also available is the Bloody Ties DLC, which expands the essential experience of the game.

Cyberpunk 2077

Price: 29.99$

Cyberpunk 2077 has had a wild ride since its launch. After a period of delay, it went on sale, but the quality of the game was not what was promised. As a result, the game’s launch was disastrous, and CD Projekt Red struggled.

However, the story of the game in late 2022 is entirely different. The game developers significantly improved the game, including exciting additions to the quality of the content.

This game is 50% off in the winter sales, which is an excellent opportunity to purchase.

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