OpTic Gaming defeated The Guard in VCT Masters quarterfinals

OpTic Gaming defeated The Guard in an intense upper bracket quarterfinals match to make a mark in the VCT... Shubh | 16. April 2022

OpTic Gaming defeated The Guard in an intense upper bracket quarterfinals match to make a mark in the VCT Masters Reykjavik semifinals versus DRX.

In their first match at the Masters LAN event, the Guard suffered a tragic yet unexpected defeat against Optic gaming. Last month, the squad had an incredible run in the VCT challengers, defeating Optic Gaming in the finals to win the NA Championship.OpTic Gaming, on the other hand, battled their way through the group stage to face the Guards and avenge their devastating loss in the finals. 


OpTic gaming tried to establish its dominance early in the game by winning four consecutive rounds on Icebox. The team constantly launched aggressive attacks to put the Guard on the back foot and under pressure. ”yay” showcased a magnificent performance at Icebox taking out three players of Guard in the bonus round.

The Guard attempted to fight back but were only able to win rounds 5 and 6 before Optic stormed in and won the other four rounds of the first half. The Guard rallied back in the second half, winning four consecutive rounds to cut the deficit. The game went really close and tied at 10-10 but OpTic gaming stepped up and went on a three-round win streak to take the first map. 

Map 2 – Haven

Despite the intense pressure, the NA champs took a risky approach to the second map, winning the first two rounds. OpTic, on the other hand, attempted to level the game by winning the third round but suffered collateral damage in the next two rounds. 

The Guard got off to a solid start in the second half, winning the first two rounds. They continued the momentum through the rest of the second half and closed the map by a 13-7 scoreline. Sayaplayer put on a brilliant performance, getting multiple crucial frags to take the series to the last and decisive map, Fracture.

Map 3 – Fracture

As the series progressed to the final map, both the North American team felt the heat and went for a different approach. Guard picked up where they left off in the previous map and won four rounds in a row. Optic Gaming made a comeback in round five, but they were still unable to keep their momentum, and the game proceeded into the second half with the Guard leading 8-4.

The Guard continued to dominate in the second half, winning two consecutive rounds to take a 10-4 lead. The lead was quickly taken away from them, as Optic Gaming staged an incredible and crucial comeback to tie the series at 11-11 at the end of round 22.

The game took an unexpected turn as Optic Gaming, who had fallen behind 10-4, rallied in the final moments to win the last two rounds and crush their biggest rival. The squad ultimately exacted vengeance against the NA Championship by relegating them to the lower bracket.

The Guard will face Paper Rex in the lower bracket tomorrow, and OpTic Gaming will face DRX in the semifinals on Sunday.