Team Liquid reportedly close to signing cadiaN as new IGL

The Counter-Strike 2 era is well underway, and all Tier 1 teams know they have a golden opportunity to... Eduardo | 19. October 2023

The Counter-Strike 2 era is well underway, and all Tier 1 teams know they have a golden opportunity to be at the top of the new game’s competitive scene. However, there are some organizations that, although they made changes to their squads recently, have not yet achieved good results.

We are talking about Team Liquid, the North American organization that surprised a few months ago by radically changing its lineup to become an international squad. However, these changes have not taken effect so far, as the team has not had good results in any Tier 1 tournaments they have participated in.

Likewise, we must remember that Team Liquid only has 4 players in its starting lineup since Aleks “Rainwaker” Petrov has been on the bench since October 3. However, to the surprise of many, it seems that Liquid is in talks with one of the most experienced and coveted IGLs currently in free agency, Casper “cadiaN” Møller.

Reports claim Team Liquid is close to signing cadiaN

Popular Russian leaker Aleksey “OverDrive” Biryukov shared a post on his Twitter account where he references that Liquid would be close to signing cadiaN as a new IGL. Furthermore, according to the Russian, cadiaN intends to sign with the North American squad and considers it his “top choice.”

Undoubtedly, everyone in the Counter-Strike community was in shock when Heroic announced the departure of its former IGL and captain cadiaN last October 4. Heroic cited “differing views” between the org and the experienced Danish IGL about the team’s future in the statement. However, Heroic’s departure from cadiaN generated interest from other organizations, and Overdrive itself said that Liquid and NiP were among the most interested.

The signing of cadiaN by Team Liquid might make a lot of sense, as not many Tier 1 teams are currently looking for players at this stage of the season. Also, it’s no secret to anyone that Team Liquid would be thrilled to have cadiaN as a new IGL since, without Rainwaker, the team right now lacks someone who can captain and, of course, help Mareks “YEKINDAR” Gaļinskis unlock his full potential.

What will happen with oSee?

If this signing is confirm, everyone’s mind is what will happen to oSee?

In addition to being IGL, let’s remember that cadiaN is used to being the main AWPer of his teams. However, this could change at this point in his career, when the player may want a more passive role but of utmost importance.

Likewise, if cadiaN places that condition, Joshua “oSee” Ohm will have to change the role.

One way or another, the CS2 era is in full swing, so Team Liquid doesn’t have enough time to explore many options in the market. Also, the fact that the team did not participate in IEM Sydney may help Liquid prepare in the best possible way for the Thunderpick World Championship 2023.

Header: João Ferreira | PGL