MIBR and ENCE score excellent victories at the start of Group B of the ESL Pro League S18

The ESL Pro League S18 continues in full swing, and the teams that makeup Group B have already played... Eduardo | 7. September 2023

The ESL Pro League S18 continues in full swing, and the teams that makeup Group B have already played their first matches, and we have a taste of what we will have over the next few days in Malta. As a result, MIBR and ENCE closed the first day of Group B with excellent victories over MOUZ and Evil Geniuses, respectively.

MIBR has a big blow on the table by beating MOUZ since, as we know, the Brazilian squad has been immersed in many changes in its lineup in the last few months. However, the arrival of André “drop” Abreu and Rafael “saffee” Costa from FURIA has given them a new lease on life in the top tier of CS:GO.

On the other hand, ENCE continues to demonstrate their quality and high level of play, and, this time, they annihilated Evil Geniuses by 2-0.

Let’s see what happened in the last two matches of the first day of Group B of the ESL Pro League S18.

MIBR beat MOUZ by 2-1

The third match played in this ESL Pro League S18 Group B opener gave us a spectacular series between MIBR and MOUZ. However, when we all thought MOUZ would take a relatively comfortable victory, the Brazilian squad stopped it and got an excellent 2-1 victory.

It all started in Vertigo, MIBR’s map pick, where the Brazilian squad took control of the map from the beginning and, in the first half, took an excellent 10-5 victory. Then, at the change of sides, MOUZ tried to wake up and win 4 rounds, but this was not enough, as MIBR sealed the map with a great victory by 16-9.

In the second map, Inferno, things changed radically for the Brazilian squad despite having a balanced first half. MOUZ started their T-side very well and achieved a tight 8-7 victory in the first half. However, in the second half, MIBR could not overcome MOUZ’s defense even once, and they conceded the map with a score of 7-16.

Finally, we had a spectacular game in Mirage, where either team could have won. In the first half, MOUZ started with strength and determination, and they took the victory by 9-6 on their side, T. However, this only activated the Brazilian offense, as they managed to win 10 rounds to take a tight and exciting victory by 16-14.

ENCE crush Evil Geniuses by 2-0

The last match of this first day of the ESL Pro League S18 was a real nightmare for the boys of Evil Geniuses, as they managed to do nothing against the extraordinary power of ENCE.

The series began in Mirage, the map pick of Evil Geniuses, where we saw the first sign of ENCE’s supremacy. The European international squad took care of the first blow to the North Americans in the first half after taking a solid 10-5 victory on their CT side. Then, at the change of sides, EG tried to wake up by winning 3 of the first 4 rounds, but this was pretty much left there, as ENCE got the way to overcome EG’s defense, and they took the victory by 16-9.

Finally, the teams faced each other on Nuke, a map full of emotions from start to finish. In the first half, ENCE again showed their high level of play on their T-side and got a great victory by 9-6. However, this time, the North American squad would not stay idle. EG managed to win the first 4 rounds to take a 10-9 lead, but ENCE responded with 5 of the next 6 to even the score at 14-11. Then, EG balanced the map with 3 consecutive rounds (14-14), but ENCE won the last two rounds to take the victory by 16-14.

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