How to play Drow Ranger in Dota 2 patch 7.32b

Dota 2 patch 7.32 and its subsequent patch, 7.32b have turned Drow Ranger into a highly desirable hero. Her... Radu M. | 24. September 2022

Dota 2 patch 7.32 and its subsequent patch, 7.32b have turned Drow Ranger into a highly desirable hero. Her win rate on this patch is more than 53% and her pick rate is 14%. These percentages clearly indicate that Drow is one of the strongest carry heroes of the current meta.

It remains to be seen if the 20 teams that will participate at The International 2022 will devise strategies built around this hero. Most likely, at least a few of them will focus heavily on Drow strats and will try to get away with easy wins. The incentive is definitely there, because the archer has a lot of strengths right now.

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Drow Ranger’s strengths

Drow is an agility hero and receives 2.9 agility per level. On top of that, she starts with 20. Another great feature is her attack range: 625. With a Dragon Lance, it can get to 775. At level 1, without any items, Drow deals 52 damage and has a much better attack animation than she used to.

But that’s just the base damage. After you buy a Wraith Band and skill your Q, you actually deal 63 damage. And with every new level, you get serious damage upgrades.

By the time you are level 3, you will deal 75 damage with nothing more than your Q and a Wraith Band. And thanks to the superior attack range, you can enter in exchanges against almost any other hero and you will win.

Drow used to have a very difficult laning phase. Now she’s perfectly fine, as long as you buy the right items and don’t try to skip the essentials, such as two Wraith Bands, a Wand, Infused Raindrops, and perhaps even some Mangoes for HP regeneration.

All of Drow’s abilities are very useful and increase her kill potential. However, because the hero’s mobility is low, you will need to buy a Blink Dagger at some point and a Black King Bar. Otherwise, you risk being out of position most of the time during team fights.

Expect to scale fast with this hero. With just a few medium items, such as Treads and Dragon Lance, Drow has excellent damage, HP, attack range, and kill potential. Later into the game, you can buy a Butterfly or even a Dadelaus if you’re confident in your ability to stay alive during fights without evasion.

Thanks to Multishot and the rest of her abilities, Drow farms really fast in this patch and does not face any challenges in the jungle. That allows you to play the hero as a carry.

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