Helldivers 2 Hunters: Weaknesses, Location, and More

Helldivers 2 is the long-awaited sequel to the cult classic co-op shooter. While battling the Terminid bug menace and... Stalingrad | 23. April 2024

Helldivers 2 is the long-awaited sequel to the cult classic co-op shooter. While battling the Terminid bug menace and rogue Automaton machines, players have access to a massive arsenal of weaponry and special abilities called Stratagems. However, the Hunters present a unique challenge that requires different tactics.

What Are Hunters in Helldivers 2?

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Hunters are quick, agile Terminid bugs that chase down players relentlessly. They lack durability but make up for it with blinding speed and pack mentality. Hunters love to swarm and surround their prey from all angles. 

Left unchecked, even a small group of Hunters can trigger devastating “bug breaches” by calling in overwhelming reinforcements. Don’t confuse them with invisible Stalkers, a much deadlier Terminid breed.

While Hunters have little health, their erratic movement and tendency to attack simultaneously from multiple directions make them tricky targets at close range. Taking them on one-on-one is manageable, but Helldivers will need area control measures against Hunter swarms.

How to Kill Hunters Effectively

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Despite their fragility, Hunters die just as easily to any weapon in the game – there’s no special weak point to aim for. A few well-placed shots from standard firearms like the Redeemer pistol or Breaker assault rifle will eliminate single Hunters.

For dealing with packs, players should bring heavy firepower. Machine guns and the powerful Stalwart cannon make short work of clustered Hunters by saying “spray and pray.” Sentry guns and AoE Stratagems like airstrikes are also invaluable for crowd control against breaching swarms.

Maintaining distance is key when combating Hunters. Their leaping charge attack gives them deceptive range, so keep them at arm’s length and demolish groups with heavy saturation fire.

Where to Find Hunters in Helldivers 2

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As members of the Terminid faction, Hunters inhabit planets in the orange “infested” regions in the eastern galaxy map. Pretty much any Terminid nest or patrol on these worlds will have Hunters present.  

For the “Herd Thinning” personal order that requires killing 25 Hunters, the planet Crimsica in the Draco Sector is an excellent hunting ground. This planet has a very high Hunter population.

Higher difficulty levels increase Hunter encounters, but they can show up anywhere the Terminid infestation has spread, even on lower difficulties. When an enemy type is selected for the daily objective, its numbers are further boosted, making it even easier to track them down.

With this guide, Helldivers should have all the intel needed to wipe out the Hunter menace and keep working towards liberation of the Helldivers universe!