Fun Mix player banned for cheating during NA Paris Major Qualifier

The various open qualifiers for the next BLAST.tv Paris Major is already underway in all regions of the world.... Eduardo | 15. February 2023

The various open qualifiers for the next BLAST.tv Paris Major is already underway in all regions of the world. All the registered teams started to give their all to achieve their long-awaited qualification for a tournament at the highest competitive level.

However, Valentine’s Day was not the best for the NA region’s open qualifiers. A player nicknamed “pawt,” part of the Fun Mix team, was banned in the middle of the game for using cheats. In addition, this situation went completely viral as it was captured live and direct.

Pawt was banned for using cheats

The tournament had developed in a very common way. However, when the teams reached the round of 16, pawt, from Fun Mix, was kicked out by the Gamers Club platform. For those who have never heard of Gamers Club, this is a Brazilian platform where many tournaments are currently held on the American continent.

Pawt was banned just before the start of the match against Strife Esports. As we can see, the rival Fun Mix team players asked questions about their fifth player, to which the teammates referred to the fact that pawt had been discovered by the admins for using a cheat.

At the beginning of the broadcast, the Dusts2.us casters were surprised to see that pawt had been kicked out of the game. Not knowing what was going on, they opened the CS:GO console to read the inter-team chat. It was there that it was revealed that the player had been banned for using a cheat. Naturally, this generated that the presenters and the same players of the rival team were incredulous at this inexplicable situation.

Fun Mix disqualified

Fun Mix, who had defeated goomba stomp in the round of 32 with a score of 16-13, was eliminated from the competition. Then, it was goomba stomp that qualified for the round of 16 to face Strife Esports. In the end, Strife crushed goomba stomp 16-2 to advance to the next tournament stage.

However, there is something much more interesting in this situation. According to a Reddit user, the player streamed on Twitch a pug with the same team he used the cheat on the right after being banned.

About Gamers Club

Gamers Club, which defines itself as “the largest eSports platform in Brazil,” managed to partner with BLAST to organize the Major qualifiers in North and South America.
NA players are not familiar with this platform. Qualifiers for high-level competitive events are usually held on FACEIT or ESEA.
This type of situation is extremely rare. It is unthinkable for a player to cheat in a qualifier for an S-level tournament. Especially a Major sponsored by Valve.

Well, let’s take the example of being undetected and the team qualifying for the Major. Will the player, in this case, pawt, use the same cheat in the main tournament? Will he emulate Nikhil “forsaken” Kumawat, who was caught using a cheat in a LAN tournament with OpTic India?

We all know the answers to these questions; no professional player wants to reach the top level by cheating.

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