Farming Simulator League €15K tournament revealed

It has recently been revealed that next month all Farming Simulator fans will be able to enjoy a tournament.... Maria | 30. March 2023

It has recently been revealed that next month all Farming Simulator fans will be able to enjoy a tournament. The best competitors in the Farming Simulator League Easter Challenge will fight for a share of the €15k prize pool.

All about the Farming Simulator League

GIANTS Software, the developers of Farming Simulator 22, has presented the FSL Easter Challenge. This tournament will occur on April 15 and 16, where farming players will fight for the title of champion and a share of the prize money of €15.

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Credits: Giants Software

Tournament before the fifth season

The game developer has presented a new tournament before the competitions that will take place in the second half of 2023. In the year’s second half, the fifth season of the Farming Simulator League will be held.

GIANTS Software event manager Claas Eilermann said that the planning for the season is well underway; he further states that the game developers created this off-season tournament to bring excitement to competitive Farming played virtually.

On the other hand, Eilermann commented that all game fans who cannot attend the event could enjoy it live on GIANTS Software’s official Twitch and YouTube channels. He also added that all broadcasts would be in English and German.

FSL Tournaments

Participants attending the festival in Leipzig can experience competing against the best teams. FSL teams will be participating in the tournament:

  • Trelleborg (current world champion)
  • mYinsanity

Those wishing to participate in the tournament must form a team of three players, responsible for quickly collecting the wheat, compressing bales, and then taking them to their barn. What is essential in this game is that the team must plan its teamwork strategy very well, and all players must be coordinated.

The organizers of the tournament will provide the participants with a large number of stands where they can play. All those interested in participating should go to the game’s official website to register.

Farming Simulator

Farming Simulator is a game developed by GIANTS Software. The game has sold around 30 million copies to date, making it the most played title.

With the GIANTS Engine, the game has versions for consoles such as:

  • PS4
  • PS5
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X|S

It also has a version for computers, mobiles, and tablets.

Thanks to the game’s popularity, the FSL league was created in 2019 based on cooperative competitions. The FSL is supported by big-name sponsors that drive the growth of this esports.

Header: GIANTS Software