| 4. January 2022

Ex-KRÜ coach deported & arrested for refusing vaccination

Argentine coach Onur caused quite a controversy when he said he was ready to give up his job because he refused to be vaccinated. The ex-KRÜ coach was deported from Brazil because of his refusal to vaccinate and as a consequence will not be able to start his next job. Rodrigo ‘Onur’ Dalmagro does not want to be vaccinated against the COVID virus and therefore now had to face real consequences.

The 34 year old Argentinean was deported from Brazil because he does not want to be vaccinated. Brazil is quite strict about vaccinations. Since December 18, visitors, by whatever route they enter Brazil, must present a valid and complete vaccination certificate. This also applies to the Argentine coach Onur, who wanted to enter Brazil but apparently did not know about the new regulations.

How was he able to enter Brazil in the first place?

Onur only had a PCR test when he left on the Brazilian airline and was not checked for vaccination. So he was able to enter Brazil without the required paperwork. When they landed, however, he learned about the new regulations. For violating the rules without vaccination, he was arrested there.

He and his partner reportedly had to wait for more than 14 hours in Brazilian immigration control with “no food, no change of clothes or hygiene items, and no answer from the airline about when we could return.” It is not known if he is currently still being held in Brazil or where he is.


His new job is gone with it

Onur was actually supposed to be coaching Team LOUD in Brazil, but the Brazilian organization decided not to work with him anymore after the controversy surrounding the coach. Onur had announced some things on social media, which the organization did not want to be associated with. “LOUD tried to help me all the time, even when the deportation was already clear.

After the controversy on social media, they decided to take a different approach for image reasons, which I understand and respect,” Onur said. LOUD is a Brazilian esports organization and has teams in Fortnite and League of Legends.

His reasons against vaccination

Onur does not want to be vaccinated because he is against the health passport. However, he said that he thinks it is good and important to vaccinate at-risk groups. In a tweet he said that he’s ready to lose a job to stay true to his opinion and that he will not break down. His tweet now has 2,700 likes and several hundred replies and retweets. Many comments mock his decision to lose a job over vaccination or refusal to do so. LOUD has yet to comment on the matter. Who will be the new coach for the Brazilian team is not yet known.