Counter Strike 2 recent update adds more players in beta test

Valve, in an exciting move, has recently expanded the beta access for CS2 by introducing a fresh wave of... Jason | 10. June 2023

Valve, in an exciting move, has recently expanded the beta access for CS2 by introducing a fresh wave of players. The highly anticipated game, which was initially granted beta access in March, is now set to provide even more individuals with the invaluable opportunity to test and experience it firsthand.

With the announcement of the addition of more players in the beta test. Valve also introduced a few changes in the Mirage map which was added last week. In addition, we get some more changes in weaponry and gamplay.

Changes in Mirage

In a recent update to the official CS2 Limited Test matchmaking servers, Mirage has undergone significant changes. One notable modification is the removal of the ability to wall bang through the door toward the connector, offering players a new dynamic in gameplay and strategy.

Additionally, a gap in the box stack atop the mid-section has been expertly blocked, preventing unintended visibility and improving overall balance. A pixel gap by the ticket booth has also been eliminated, ensuring fairer encounters and reducing the potential for exploits.

Furthermore, the developers have reintroduced the ability to jump onto the firebox in the A site, providing players with additional options for positioning and surprising their opponents. Numerous player and grenade collision bugs have been diligently addressed, enhancing the overall fluidity and consistency of the gameplay experience.

Lastly, various minor graphical bugs have been resolved, resulting in a visually polished and immersive environment for all players to enjoy. These comprehensive changes reflect the developers’ commitment to refining Mirage and creating a more enjoyable and balanced competitive map.


The recent update brings significant improvements to the gameplay experience in CS2. Players will no longer experience the frustrating issue of disconnecting players taking the C4 explosive with them. In Deathmatch mode, bonus weapons now offer a selection from the player’s equipped loadout options, enhancing customization. A convenient context menu loadout shortcut has been introduced, allowing quick switching between the USP-S and P2000 pistols for CT teams.

The loadout menu has been optimized to automatically cancel drag and drop operations when switching away, streamlining the customization process. Furthermore, visual enhancements have been made to the SCAR-20 and G3SG1 rifles, improving their overall appearance. These updates demonstrate a commitment to enhancing gameplay and addressing player feedback.

When will Counter Strike 2 be available?

Until recently, the release date of the highly anticipated Counter-Strike game was shrouded in speculation, with a general consensus that it would be available sometime during the summer of 2023. Specifically, the release window spanned from June to September, leaving enthusiasts eager for an exact date.

However, reputable leakers have suggested that August might serve as the appropriate month for the game’s launch, aligning perfectly with the provided release window. Excitement is building as the launch of CS2 draws near, and fans are anxiously counting down the days until they can finally immerse themselves in the long-awaited experience.