Bot Laner Neo (Toàn Trần) Completes the Dignitas LCS 2021 Roster

Bot laner Neo (Toàn Trần) has joined Dignitas, a move which completes the teams’ roster for the 2021 LCS.... Pablo | 8. December 2020

Bot laner Neo (Toàn Trần) has joined Dignitas, a move which completes the teams’ roster for the 2021 LCS. Formally known as “Asta”, Neo has been promoted from the Dignitas Academy team, meaning that they are the only team in the entire LCS not to have an import in its starting lineup.

How the Dignitas Lineup Appears Ahead of the 2021 Season

Dignitas are clearly banking on homegrown talent ahead of the new season, having brought in ex-100 Thieves solo laners Aaron “FakeGod” Lee and Max “Soligo” Soong, who will play in the top lane and mid lane respectively. Meanwhile, jungle Joshua “Dardoch” Hartnett did enough last season to see his contract extended by two years, while veteran support Zaqueri “aphromoo” Black will lane the bottom side with new arrival Neo.

Before competing for the Dignitas Academy, Neo represented the likes of Immortals, OpTic Gaming and First Blood Crusade, having started his professional career at the G2 Esports Academy.

The addition of new solo lane players certainly doesn’t guarantee success, with it generally taking time for others to get used to their playing style, junglers in particular. However, with many of their rivals finding themselves in the same boat, it could be that Dignitas are in a strong position for the 2021 LCS. The fact that Dignitas has all of its players in the same country also gives them an advantage, meaning that they can practice immediately.

Can Dignitas Improve Upon Their Performances from 2020?

Dignitas will be hoping to improve upon their seventh place finish in both splits during 2020, meaning that newcomers to the team have the bar set fairly low. The team arrived in the LCS after acquiring a share of Clutch Gaming back in June 2019, having formally rebranded as Dignitas after the World Championships that year, having still been wearing Clutch colors until that point.

Dignitas was established in the UK back in 2003, before being registered a year later following the purchase of Legion Condor, Sweden Companix and a host of Battlefield 1942 clans. The team now operates in North America, where they operate across a host of titles, including League of Legends.