9Pandas and Eternal Fire advance to PARI Please 2023 Finals

We have reached the final stage of the LAN tournament in Belgrade, Serbia; the PARI Please 2023 and 9Pandas... Eduardo | 20. November 2023

We have reached the final stage of the LAN tournament in Belgrade, Serbia; the PARI Please 2023 and 9Pandas and Eternal Fire will battle it out in the grand finals to see which team will take home the $60,000 in prize money.

Undoubtedly, this tournament was intense from start to finish, as all teams gave their all in every match. However, the Russian and Turkish teams showed their full potential and qualified for the Grand Final, leaving their two Brazilian rivals, FURIA and MIBR, out.

Let’s see what happened in the PARI Please 2023 semifinal matches.

9Pandas crush FURIA Esports 2-1

In the first series of this PARI Please semifinal, we enjoyed a match full of emotions between FURIA and 9Pandas, where the Russian squad stepped up to take the 2-1 victory. While it is true that FURIA managed to win 1 map, the two maps the Russians won were convincing without leaving any opportunity to the Brazilians.

It all started in Overpass, the map pick of 9Pandas, where we had a back-and-forth first half and a second half inclined toward the Russians. 9Pandas started the map very well by winning the first half with a partial score of 7-5 on their T Side. However, the best came in the second half, as the Russians won the first 6 rounds to seal their victory with a resounding score of 13-5.

Then, on the second map, Ancient, things changed in every way, as this time, the Brazilians could take the partial victory in the first half by 7-5. At the beginning of the second half, we had a small awakening on the part of the 9Pandas boys, who took a 9-8 lead. However, the Brazilians woke up immediately to win 5 of 6 rounds to take the victory by 13-10.

Finally, in Nuke, the Russian squad annihilated FURIA and all their aspirations of qualifying for the tournament’s Grand Final. In the first half, 9Pandas pulled out all the stops on their CT Side to take a convincing 9-3 victory. Then, the Brazilian defense could not react to the change of sides, and they conceded by 4-13.

Eternal Fire annihilate MIBR 2-0

The second semifinal left us with an excellent and crushing victory of Eternal Fire over MIBR by 2-0. The truth is that, in this series, the Turkish team was always far above the Brazilian team in every way, so they are justly deserving of the victory and the qualification.

The series began in Vertigo, the map pick of Eternal Fire, where we had an exciting first half, which ended with a partial score of 6-6. However, the rest of the series was not even the shadow of this first half because, from this moment, EF woke up and took care of eradicating MIBR. Then, at the change of sides, the Turkish offense overcame MIBR’s defense to take the victory by 13-9.

In the second map, Mirage, things were completely different than in Vertigo since the Turks started very well on their CT Side with a partial victory in the first half by 10-2. Finally, Eternal Fire won the first 3 rounds of the second half to secure the 13-2 victory and qualify for the PARI Please 2023 Grand Final.

Header: Eternal Fire