Natus Vincere Advance to the Semifinals of PGL Major Copenhagen

The quarterfinals of PGL Major Copenhagen are over and in every single case, the more experienced team won despite... Radu M. | 30. March 2024

The quarterfinals of PGL Major Copenhagen are over and in every single case, the more experienced team won despite the apparent form difference.

Team Spirit were supposed to crush FaZe Clan and they lost. MOUZ were supposed to easily beat G2 Esports and they also lost. Cloud9 looked great in the first two stages but were defeated by Team Vitality.

In the match between Eternal Fire and Natus Vincere, Na’Vi were regarded by many as the underdogs. Historically, if we look at Na’Vi’s achievements, we are forced to give them a lot of respect even though they may appear to be a bit weaker than other competitors at the moment.

In the quarterfinals match between them and Eternal Fire, we had the opportunity to watch players like iM and jL under pressure and they did not crumble.

Eternal Fire vs. Natus Vincere: 0 – 2

On the first map, Mirage, Na’Vi started with a solid first half: 3 – 9. Nobody expected the map to require overtime but it did, thanks to EF’s phenomenal comeback. But in the end, iM and his crew still won 13 – 16.

This was Na’Vi’s map pick, so the Turks had no reason to panic yet. But the problem was that the second map, picked by them, was also one of Na’Vi’s favorites. With EF on the T-side, the two teams finished the first half 6 – 6. But on the second half, Na’Vi proved to be much better. The final score was 9 – 13.

By far, the best player on the server was w0nderful, who finished the match with a personal score of 48 – 33. Without his excellent performance, Na’Vi would have been in a lot of trouble because Aleksib did much worse than usual (19 – 35) and b1t struggled to win the key duels (35 – 38).

For Na’Vi, the next match against G2 Esports should be fun. The two teams already met at PGL Major Copenhagen in the second stage. The Ukrainian team won that match but we must not forget that it was a best-of-one.

Historically, Na’Vi and G2 played many great matches against each other. The most important ones were the Grand Finals from IEM XIV World Championship, IEM XVI Cologne, and PGL Major Stockholm. In each case, Na’Vi won without losing a single map. If they can do it again, they will have a wonderful opportunity to play in another Major Grand Final.

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