Dota 2 patch 7.34d analysis: buffs and nerfs

Just one week before the start of The International 12, IceFrog decided to patch the game again, in the... Radu M. | 6. October 2023

Just one week before the start of The International 12, IceFrog decided to patch the game again, in the hope that the tournament wouldn’t feature too many broken heroes that get picked or banned in every match.

The changes introduced by Dota 2 patch 7.34d are likely to lead to a transformation of the meta, but probably not a major one. Although, to be fair, in some cases we’ve already experienced a massive transformation.

Take the case of Phantom Assassin for instance, whose win rate went from around 52.5% to less than 46%. Her nerfs, despite not looking huge on paper, proved to be severe.

The same goes for Sven and Pangolier, two heroes who were doing amazing at the community level but were broken in the hands of pro players. Both of them got nerfed and are now much weaker than before. Sven’s win rate went from 50.5% down to 46.6%, while Pangolier’s went from 46% down to 42.5%. This win rate is ridiculously low.

The worst hero of the current meta is Broodmother, whose win rate is barely 40%. Other heroes that are struggling at the moment are Batrider (42.2%), Ember Spirit (42.5%), and Beastmaster (43.5%). Of course, all of these statistics come from the Dota 2 community. Pro players use most of these heroes in much more effective ways.

Dota 2 patch 7.34d item changes

Here are some of the most important item changes introduced in the latest Dota 2 update:

Blade Mail now gives just 18 bonus damage instead of 20. This is a small change that probably won’t be felt. A significant nerf would have been to reduce the item’s return damage, because that’s its real source of strength.

Eul’s Scepter cost was reduced by 100, which is a significant amount if you buy the item in the early game. Few heroes do, but those heroes will feel the impact of this buff.

Hand of Midas now gives just +35 attack speed instead of +40. This isn’t a change that will deter people from buying the item because its main benefit is the experience you gain and the gold bonus.

Heart of Tarrasque now costs 100 gold more than before. This was a necessary nerf for Earthspirit and other heroes who have gotten used to buying an early Heart.

Wind Waker’s recipe is now 100 gold more expensive, but the total cost of the item has remained the same thanks to the Eul’s Scepter buff.

Ninja Gear now has a 60-second cooldown for its active ability, Solitary Disguise. And you can no longer use the item and then switch it with a different neutral item while keeping the benefit of Solitary Disguise. This is a huge nerf.

Dota 2 patch 7.34d hero changes

Lots of heroes were either buffed or nerfed in this patch. Here are the biggest changes:

Abaddon’s intelligence gain per level got buffed by 0.4, while his base intelligence got buffed by 1. These changes will make the hero more able to cast his spells in the laning phase. Another change is related to his Aphotic Shield, which now blocks 10 extra damage at every level.



Anti-Mage received a +1 base armor buff. And his Mana Void now costs 50/100 less mana at levels 2 and 3.

Arc Warden received a huge buff to his Spark Wraith, which now deals 40% more damage to creeps. This means that you can now farm much faster with this hero. Another change that was made to Arc has to do with his Tempest Double, which can now be self-cast to create a Double right next to him.

Beastmaster’s base armor was reduced by 1, and the root duration of his Hawk was severely nerfed for the first 3 levels. Instead of 1s, it now starts at 0.25s.

Bounty Hunter’s base attack time was decreased from 1.7s to 1.5s. This could make the hero more of a right-clicker, but it’s doubtful that teams will use him in this type of role.

Brewmaster’s Drunken Brawler got nerfed. His Brewed Up Multiplier went from 3x to 2.5x. His Primal Split also took a hit. The mana cost is 25/50/75 higher and the Aghanim’s Shard cancel now always makes Brewmaster reappear based on the regular Brewling priority.

Chaos Knight received a buff that will speed up his farm. Chaos Strike now has a 1.9 creep damage multiplier.

Crystal Maiden’s Crystal Clone no longer interrupts her channeling and its cooldown was lowered by 2s.

Dark Willow’s Bramble Maze had its cooldown increased by 2s, from 20s to 22s.

Drow Ranger’s Gust received a significant buff. The movement speed bonus was increased from 10% to 10 – 16%.

drow ranger


Earth Spirit’s Boulder Smash talent (level 20) got nerfed by 25 damage.

Earthshaker’s level 25 Enchant Totem talent got nerfed by 0.5s. This nerf is irrelevant in most cases because you don’t get to level 25 on this hero unless the game goes beyond the 45-minute mark.

Enigma’s Demonic Summoning Eidolons got buffed. They give 4 less gold, cost 5/20/35/50 less mana, and their cooldown is now 40 – 34s instead of 60 – 36s. These changes make Enigma a very exciting hero to play in the position 3 role.

Gyrocopter got a tiny nerf to his Flak Cannon. Aghanim’s Scepter Side Gunner now attacks every 1.3s instead of every 1.2s. Pro players started to regard Gyrocopter as a bad carry at DreamLeague S21. Now he’s guaranteed to be dumped by most teams.

Hoodwink’s Scurry duration was rescalled from 4s to 3.5 – 5s.

Huskar’s Burning Spear now has a 9s duration instead of 8s.

Invoker got severely nerfed again. His base regen is now just 0.5 instead of 1, Cold Snap gives him just 13 – 104 HP instead of 16 – 128, and EMP’s restored mana percentage is just 25% instead of 50%.

Lich received a big buff. His base intelligence increased by 2 and his level 15 Frost Blast cooldown reduction went from 3s to 3.5s. This hero is guaranteed to become a monster in the new meta.

Lifestealer’s Feast now deals 1 – 1.9% max HP as damage instead of 0.8 – 1.4%. Combined with the rest of his abilities, he is likely to become the preferred choice of many players for the carry role.

Luna’s Moon Glaives got nerfed by 6 – 3% for the bounces. The Aghanim’s Shard self damage reduction went from 20% to 25%. The buff duration was increased from 6s to 7s.

Magnus received a significant laning phase buff. The mana cost of his Shockwave is now 75 at all levels. This is a nerf at level 1, but becomes a buff at every other level.

Marci’s Sidekick is now always active for her with 50% effectiveness, even if it’s not applied to any allied hero.



Meepo’s mana regeneration was increased by 0.25. Ransack’s health steal went from 6 – 18 to 9 – 18. The duration of Megameepo is now 25s instead of 20s.

Nature’s Prophet received another massive nerf. His base strength was decreased by 2 and the cooldown of Sprout is now 15 – 9s instead of 12 – 9s.

Ogre Magi received important buffs that will make him a lot more successful in this meta. The cast range of Fireblast is now 525 instead of 475, and his Bloodlust now gives 30 – 75 / 40 – 100 attack speed instead of 30 – 60 / 30 – 90.

Pangolier got severely nerfed again. The mana cost of his Swashbuckle is now 75 – 90 instead of 75. Shield Crash also costs more mana than before: 70 – 100 instead of 60 – 90. The damage of this ability was decreased from 70 – 280 to 60 – 240. The level 20 Swashbuckle damage talent also got nerfed by 5.

Phantom Assassin is one of the heroes that got hit the hardest by Dota 2 patch 7.34d. Her Blur is now considerably weaker than before. Vanish radius increased from 400 to 500, but Aghanim’s Scepter cooldown rescaled from 10s to 50% of the current cooldown and no longer increases Vanish buffer.

Coup de Grace’s chance of Deadly Focus went from 20% to 17%. For Stifling Dagger, it went from 40% to 34%.

Primal Beast’s Uproar now has a base bonus damage of 5 – 20 instead of 6 – 24.

Pugna’s Nether Blast deals 65% damage to buildings instead of 50%. And his Decrepify is much stronger, slowing enemies by 45% at level 1 instead of 30%, while the cast range is 475 – 700 instead of 400 – 625.

Riki’s Smoke Screen radius got increased by 50, which makes him extremely dangerous again.



Sand King’s Burrowstrike now has a cooldown of 14 – 11s instead of 15 – 12s.

Shadow Demon’s Demonic Cleanse and Demonic Purge last for 6s instead of 7s.

Slardar’s Slithereen Crush has a cooldown of 7s instead of 8s.

Slark’s level 25 Essence Shift duration talent was nerfed by 10s.

Spectre’s Shadow Step received a massive buff. Its cooldown is 60/50/40s instead of 80/60/40s.

Spirit Breaker’s Greater Bash now deals 25 – 40% movement speed as damage instead of 20 – 35%.

Sven’s base damage was decreased by 4, which is a huge nerf for a strength-based carry hero. His God’s Strength bonus damage is now 100 – 180% instead of 120 – 200%.

Techies Blast Off now has a 40 – 25s cooldown instead of 39 – 30s. Flying hero units now trigger Proximity Mines.

Timbersaw got buffed. His Whirling Death ability now deals 85 – 220 damage instead of 80 – 200 damage.

Treant Protector received important nerfs. His base damage was lowered by 2, his base mana regen was decreased by 0.25, and his talents also received small nerfs.

Vengeful Spirit’s Magic Missile now has a cooldown of 15 – 9s instead of 12 – 9s. Her Wave of Terror now has an attack damage reduction of just 10 – 25% instead of 15 – 30%.

Witch Doctor’s base strength was increased by 2, his Death Ward now deals 70 – 140 damage, but the cooldown of his ultimate is 100/90/80s instead of 100/80/60s.

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