XSET Announces Valorant Roster Ahead of First Strike

Esports organization XSET has signed its first Valorant roster, with their team to be made up by players who... Jamie | 30. October 2020

Esports organization XSET has signed its first Valorant roster, with their team to be made up by players who just won the Nerd Street Gamers tournament in October, which came with a prize pool worth $10,000. While the XSET Valorant roster does not feature any household names from the North American scene, they do have vast experience within first-person shooter titles.

What the XSET Valorant Roster Looks Like

The XSET Valorant roster will be made up by Zander “Thwifo” Kim, Jordan “Ayrin” He, Brandon “Brando” Parker, Bryce “PureR” Lovell and Matthew “WeDid” Suchan. Of such players, it is only Thwifo who had been with the organization previously. Speaking on his arrival at XSET, Brando said the following:

“It feels so rewarding to be joining XSET,” said Brando. “After making the switch over to Valorant from a smaller game like CrossFire and ending up in the position that I am in now, I couldn’t be happier.”

Meanwhile, Ayrin also had his say on the announcement, providing more information about the players who will represent XSET in the process. “This team is an all-star roster filled with players from a multitude of past professional experiences. Thwifo is a Fortnite legend and mechanically gifted sharpshooter, Brando is a Crossfire legend, PureR a CS:GO prodigy, and Wedid has energy and positivity unmatched by anyone in the scene. This unique combination of players from different games is very unique from other Valorant NA teams and will be sure to surprise you.”

Can XSET Become a Top Tier Team in North America?

XSET will likely find it difficult to compete at the highest level in the North American scene, in what is already hugely competitive. However, if their players can recreate their form from the recent Nerd Street Gamers event, XSET could well be a team worth keeping an eye out for.

Thwifo moved to XSET from Fortnite some months ago, however it has been a difficult period for the American. The former Brando’s Money Squad player will be the team captain. Meanwhile, new teammate WeDid has been talking up their chances by stating that: “Fans should tune in for our overtly aggressive and calculated playstyle. Teamwork is what’s going to boost XSET in the top five NA without a doubt. Also, every single one of the players on this team is entertaining so even if we’re not playing matches, people better tune in to the streams when they’re up.”

The Nerd Street Gamers event was the first major tournament in which the five-man roster played together, meaning that they go into the First Strike event full of confidence. PureR has been talking up their chances too: “It felt easy with the new energy within the team. I think we can place extremely well in any tournament [and] I was pleased with how I played individually and with the team. We are playing the First Strike qualifiers this week and are hoping to make it to the main event.”