WISP GAME: A new tournament platform with blockchain features

Currently, a novel platform called WISP GAME focuses especially on esports competitions. This platform is built on blockchain, with... Maria | 22. March 2023

Currently, a novel platform called WISP GAME focuses especially on esports competitions. This platform is built on blockchain, with matchmaking, tournaments, and more.

WISP GAME aims to allow all esports athletes to make it to the top as professionals. Therefore, they have planned many special tournaments to attract the players’ attention to achieve their goals.

WISP GAME aims to create a new ecosystem to change the conventional view of esports.


At WISP GAME, they are on a mission to bring a fresh touch to the esports industry. With their technology at WISP GAME, they have created a tournament structure that prevents match-fixing.

The platform’s creators aim to encourage fair play; with their platform, they can ensure that players get victories based on their skills.

In the platform’s early days, the developers decided to start with esports such as CS:GO and Dota 2, as both games have competitive tournaments and a large player base. However, WISP GAME expects to grow and include more games gradually.

A platform built on a blockchain

As mentioned above, the platform is built on a blockchain; thanks to this technology, they can record all tournament results.

With blockchain, developers can ensure that fair tournaments are played. For example, in WISP GAME, they use independent oracles that record every data of the competitions.

Development of extra functions on the platform

In WISP GAME, they are developing an NFT marketplace and a tokenized system where players can earn NFT and $WISP. In this way, platform users can access exclusive tournaments and events only available to community members.

They will also be able to acquire many objects in real life and merchandising or items within the platform.

WISP GAME Community

The platform was launched about a month ago and already had 150 members. Most of the members so far come from the community of independent states such as Kazakhstan and Belarus.

As for esports teams, they have already worked with NOTAG5, a CS:GO, team. NOTAG5 squad competed in Esea Open Season 44 and finished in the top eight of the regular season.

Ability to run tournaments in WISP GAME

The WISP GAME platform currently can hold 300 tournaments per week. However, they are hosting 40 tournaments, and not all have participants.

Plans of WISP GAME

WISP GAME developers want to create a strong community around the platform. Therefore, they have a clear roadmap to include new features and functions in WISP GAME.

Header: game_wisp | Twitter