Why Morphling Has The Lowest Win Rate In Dota 2 Patch 7.36b

Morphling enjoyers are undoubtedly disappointed by IceFrog’s decision to change Dota 2 in ways that made this particular hero... Radu M. | 19. June 2024

Morphling enjoyers are undoubtedly disappointed by IceFrog’s decision to change Dota 2 in ways that made this particular hero much harder to win with.

Of course, specialists with hundreds of games will always thrive regardless of the nerfs. But for the rest of us, the water elemental will be far less appealing for a while.

What Makes Morphling Hard To Play

Morphling has several severe weaknesses that you must compensate for with pure skill and determination. His movement speed is abysmal: 285. His attack range is also terrible given that he’s considered a ranged hero: 350. His ultimate requires exceptional versatility and also a good sense of time.

On top of these problems, if you don’t have really fast fingers when you get jumped, you will usually die before getting the chance to use your Attribute Shift.

This hero is heavily incentivized to maximize his attributes before his abilities because he receives 4 points per skill point instead of 2. So for each point in attributes, you gain +12 stats. This is a lot. But it also makes you lose some of your skill benefits.

Some players prefer playing Morphling in a totally strange way. They maximize only their Waveform until level 12 and reserve five points for attributes and their level 10 talent. This gives them +16 to all attributes by the time they’re level 12, which is a huge plus.

But they don’t have Adaptive Strike and their Attribute Shift is not upgraded either. So if they get jumped by an opponent with high bursts of damage, they might not be able to quickly shift enough agility into strength to survive.

When playing Morphling, you must absolutely buy Dragon Lance for the attack range bonus and some form of HP regen or lifesteal. Usually, people buy Linken’s Sphere or Morbid Mask. It all depends on how much gold they have and how the game is going.

Manta Style is another key item to purchase when playing this hero because it allows you to get rid of deadly silences.

Dota 2 Phylactery

The typical build, which involves buying an early Phylactery, is viable only if you choose to maximize Adaptive Strike before reaching level 10. Otherwise, it will not give you the ability to kill targets quickly.

Morphling is very difficult to master and he’s one of those heroes that can easily get destroyed both in the laning phase as well as in the late game. His current win rate is only 42.4% and his pick rate is 3.8%. If you pick him and don’t already have 100+ games with him, it’s a good idea to play unranked.

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